Does anyone use it? :dunno


Heck Yes! Everyday to go to work, chaa.


I use it occasionally


I use it every now and then but Ive noticed that sometimes it cuts in and out.


in the danger ranger


I hope you all know that i’m talking about the Offtopicz Radio LOL


Thats what I figured. When I listen to when Im playing a game or something, it cuts in and out on me. It does it on every station. :dunno


I love the classic rock.


a few times


it never cuts out on me. :dunno


Maybe its my computer. :dunno


Ive tried to use it but it only plays about 30 seconds of music before it has to reload. Of course, Im on a dial up too. I would listen to it every time Im on if it werent for it needing to reload.


Re: RE: Radio



mothaera fucking hell NO i don’t use it… i duno whyh.


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Dang Si is pissed off about something! :rock
I listens to it from time to time. I likes the Alternative station because they have Spanish language lessons on it cabrone!


RADIO? :dunno