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Great presentation. What is Iraq costing us in human lives? Discussion?

American Leadership and War

we’re duking it out in the military respect section, i think you’d agree with all else failed though when it comes to human lives.

Iraq Body Count

OIF - U.S. Casualties in Iraq

Friendly Fire Deaths At All-Time Low, U.S. Army Data Claims 17 Soldiers Have Died In Iraq And Afghanistan - CBS News
friendly fire

British soldiers killed in Iraq | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited
list of UK soldiers, you can count them if you want a #

[quote=“IntruderLS1, post: 320015”]Great presentation. What is Iraq costing us in human lives? Discussion?

American Leadership and War[/quote]

Yeah, except some of the ones the listed weren’t even “wars”, and wars aren’t totally to blame on one guy.

Yeah, some of those wars shouldn’t be “blamed” on anybody. WWII? Was that really the Democrats fault? I lean towards being a Republican, but come on!

To me, it doesn’t matter the party affiliation when it comes to stupid presidents. Democrat, Republican, who cares? If Bush was a Democrat, I would say the exact same things about him that I say now. I don’t even entertain conversations of “well this wouldn’t happen if there was a Democrat in office” because there are dems out there that would be just as bad for this country.
The best we can do as Americans is learn from the mistakes from past Presidents and be VERY careful when choosing the next one and the one after him. We need an intelligent President not motivated by ANYTHING except doing the best possible job he can. And those are hard to come by with the system we have in place.

Is there a stand up and applause emoticon for Tim up there?

so wars aren’t entirely to blame on one administration in most cases, but is there any doubt in anyone’s minds that we are the aggressors here and bush is laregly responsible for at least elevating the iraq war?

iraq is another one of those ‘wars’ that aren’t really wars but just sending troops over. congress never declared war on iraq, only bush and his war on terror.

there’s about 65,000 iraqi civilians and 3,300 us soldiers dead from this mess. maybe it’s “worth it” somehow, but there’s some explainin to do