Really cool 3d animation of an engine being assembled


2000si, i figure you will especially like this one… maybe not tho?

Go to the link provided, and donwload all the files to a folder. Sorry, i should i have zipped them. Run Deutz_Engine.exe, if it wont open by just clikcing on it then you will have to do a few more steps, this is because it is a screen saver application.

If it wont open, go to c:\windows\system32, copy all the files you downloaded to this folder. Now go into you display settings and preview the screensaver called “Deutz Engine”

It’s a 4 cylinder engine assmbly, its very graphical and shows the engine being assembled and then in operation. If you have a few minitues watch it. Its about 45 mb in total, but should download super fast if you are on broadband.


Thats nasty :rock


went up a parent directory, and found an ouzbnd stang “commercial” thing… it was nice :banana :gears


yeah, HRnB did that for me. I’m gonna have to get some more footage and have him make it cooler yet :gears


cant wait to see it :gears :gears


yeah… i gotta get the car fixed first tho…


:wtf happened? or just some soup-ups?



Dialup is teh suxxor. :dunno