Really Random, but

I’m watching Discovery channel and they are showing a documentary type thing of people climbing Mt. Everest. I have decided, before I reach 30, I want to climb Everest.

What do you want to do before you hit your next x-0?

An all women Singapore team is now attempting to climb Mt Everest.


considering that 40 is in November…i would like for the wife and I to be on our way to parenthood!

No kids yet? Y’all need to get skippy- you won’t hit the November deadline, but you could get pretty close! lol Seriously, though, I think that’s a good goal to have.

Hmm… going off PJ’s, I also want to get married, have children, buy my own home.

I’d like to travel to Italy and Austrailia. There are a ton more, but those are the top 2.

My son showed up when I was 39, so there ya are. I hope things work out for you in that regard :slight_smile:

I just want to make it to the next 0

If you get serious about Everest you will need a lot of money and to be in incredible shape… It would take years of preparation and several climbs of lesser mountains. In addition to having a lot of time available to do the climb itself.

I know it would take a LOT of preparation, but it would just be so awesome! I have 9 years to prep it though. It would be an awesome birthday present, since I’m an August baby and you’re supposed to go during the summer…

Screw that LOL. I dunno ill be 30 next year.

I want to own a business before I’m 30.

Before the next 0?

Just have what I need to take me to all the next 0’s

Well I’d like to be living in a house with my own garden and have a kid before I’m 40.

You might find this interesting.

100 Things to do before you die

I got 47/ 100

I got 26. Not bad, considering I’m still pretty young. I’m going to have to print that out and put it somewhere. Awesome link, Peter!