I hate my roommate! I can’t wait for him to leave. He just came home, flipped the air to AC, lowered it to 65 and then flipped it to on instead of auto. Really? Like, don’t ask anyone else here or anything? I want his ass gone already! He already has a house to move into. He’s been spending weekends getting it ready. By working in the garden. Work in the garden once you’ve moved in. Just do the inside stuff and leave already!

Would you like a new roommate? :thumbup

Got any Italian friends? :ninja

Ricky: NO! hahaha

I am never having roommates again! Apparently I have really high standards for cleanliness and respect and manners. :shrug: I just think most people are inconsiderate and just suck. I mean, if he’d said something to me, I probably would have asked him to not set it so low, but let him flip to AC anyhow.

I already asked him to not use my cookware, because he ruins it, and he used it after I said something! Now I leave it dirty so he won’t use it, and I hate that. :frowning:

Canidae: I wish. I’m just trying my hardest to make him miserable right now, which makes me not such a great person, I guess… but oh well

It won’t be long now, Hotty… He’ll be out of your space.

He said by May, so hopefully only a couple more weeks. :frowning:

I say he spends weekends working on his house. That’s not entirely true. Maybe 2 of the past 5 he has, but the rest his girlfriend has come up here and they’ve locked themselves in his room all day

I’m so lucky I have a great roomie. It helps we’ve known each other for 25 years. :smiley:

Not a bad deal, Satin. I’ve yet to have a good one. Aside from John, but that’s just because we can talk to each other and make rules and it not be weird or uncomfortable.

Lol- He just came out into the main room to throw something away and he’s the kind of person who sighs really loud just to get your attention and make you ask what’s up. I hate that, but anyhow, he did it, and I didn’t look up from my computer. I could see him out of the corner of my eye looking at me and he just kinda waited for me to say something. And then walked away.

LOL! Nice! :24:

It was so awkward! But so funny.

I usually just go to my room when I hear him lock his car- the beep is very distinct. But maybe the blatant ignore will get my point across better. I didn’t really even flat out ignore him really. He could have just been sighing… :slight_smile:

UGH roommates so suck! Hopefully he does actually leave in May when he said he will.

Im so lucky I live alone!

sucks your roommate is being an ass wont be too long now and he will be gone

What sucks is I know exactly how to get him to leave, and I just can’t do it. He used to be paying for two rooms, but dropped one. They never closed it and he’s still using it. I could totally go down and complain about it. And I plan to depending on the electric overage. The way the complex does electricity is that each room you rent has $40 for electric built into the rent. Without him paying for that other room, we have $80 for the apartment. With it, I was consistently paying $20 over and he was paying $40 (because he had two rooms). Now our included is lower and I’ll have to pay half the overage. I’m not doing it. I will raise hell. But only because the manager already told me she was going to lock it at the beginning of March. And when I told her, IN CONFIDENCE, that he was leaving, later that week he came home and asked me about it. Someone said something to him! I was too pissed to go down there.

If you’ve got a roomate, I’m guessing you’re in college?

Yep. Out in July. So excited!