Recommend some ranks


right now its set:

0 = look ma no posts
1 = fresh mean
15 = newbie

etc. etc.

make some recommendations, unique and / or funnah would be good


0 = voyeur

1 = virgin

15 = player

25 = gangbanger

50 = dominatrix

75 = therapist

100+ = addicted

:dunno :owned


multiply those increments by 10… that way addicted is 1000. you could get 100 in a day if you were Jan.


:funnah How about “whore” :lol You could set the ranking system to automatically label anyone who averages say 75-100 posts in a set time like 8 hours or 24 hours as a whore or post whore. Or it could be an added title. something that would go next to thier actual rank.


You need porn star in there somewhere. :banana


That would be a good one to reserve for anyone willing to post neky pics! :funnah :rock


top post should have something like biggest on the site


Please keep size out of it :lol :lol


lol guys can never keep size out! :slight_smile:


Yea i know male egos … always comparing size i bet its funny to watch them talking a PISS and trying not to get caught looking at the guy next to him … to see how big he is :banana :banana :banana :smiley:


well when we have a whole lot in…


So whats is my title :smiley: :smiley:


Oh DOH!! How did I get shot into the newbie category agian?? :dunno

Better get crackin. :banana


… Yep, definately need to post some more…



“seconcary post whore” - who else but tazzy?

:lol …secondary…


maybe a rehab comment


how about “gone postal” or ‘the postman’