Recommend this system?


i was going to get a guy to do a custom H for me, along with mufflers of choice, but with the 320$ deal someone on mustangforums, is this a better bet? proablywill cost a little more i assume, but is it worth it?

I know atlantic99 has it, so he is exempt from answering (though he can if he wants).

arg, all i know is ive been going back and forth for so long on these mods and i want to get started already!!

(if the guy im talking to to buy parts through ever gets back to me, i plan on getting some type of exhaust, gears, posi, stb, sfc, shocks/struts (bilsteins maybe) and maybe an underdrive (money permitting of course… maybe not all at once.)


seems good. with my current situation, i might get ford to fix the gasket or w/e the problem turns out to be. then i might go down to the muff shop to get some straight pipes hooked up. i currently have a catback, meaning i still have the y-pipe. i want to go from the cats straight pipe to muffs. it would be way less restrictive.

the only thing with custom fabrications is make sure the pipes being used are stainless steel and mandrel bent.

i wouldnt do what i started out doing- cat back- b/c you still have the y-pipe and it is very restrictive.

i love(d) the sound of my magnaflows, now it sounds like a harley on steroids or a damn airplane. i want my sound back.


on a v6 without serious power mods, i dont know if you will benefit from straight pipes that much. its 2.5inch piping as it is

also, even if i wanted to ditch the Y, i could just go with the GT catback and have them make me an Hpipe or something…

so let me rephrase my question - consider my choice to be either the v6 catback or the GT catback (and if you think good idea, why)


gt- get rid of the y. with straight pipes, it wouldnt be equal pressure, but it wont be equal with a y-pipe either. atleast with straight pipes, ill have less restrictive air flow. it might slightly hurt on bottom end, but the bottom end on a v6 is nothing to write home about anyway.


its not THAT bad…its no gt, of course, but its got a pep to it. but i see what you mean… and if i ever get my gears, i guess i would out of that rpm range pretty soon anyhow…