Feel free to invite your friends to the site, the site initally was made of members who were invited, but its a public forum and the more members we have the more fun. Also, tokens will be awarded for each new referral and tokens will soon have value as we’ll be adding a store in the next few weeks.


Hurry up and get that store open… I have lots of tokens to use and I’m almost out of milk.


what are you gonna sell? Mystery envelopes?


upgrades for users, like fonts, colors, photo gallery, custom ranks (username tag), etc. maybe even misc real items… who knows we’ve got endless possibilities


Joe, can I redeem my tokens to get rid of the F-body crowd??? :fu


LMAO We can buy bans! :banana


LMAO We can buy bans! :banana[/quote]

Now, [size=6]THAT[/size] would be cool


haha, you know come to think of it… from now on before someone’s banned (that has been a member, not a noob spammer)… you could make a thread nominating for a ban… then if it gets more ban then not ban votes the person will get axed! haha thats awsome


I like it!


04 gots to go! :rofl