Regulating Pay


the building company pays the wages to its workers - so the company bosses have to abide by the 20X rule, nowt to do with the family


Most contractors get advances weekly or bi-weekly. This is especially true for residential work.

I get your point but you’re giving the industry too much credit here.

And they don’t pay in lump sums being my point.


Fair enough. But I think we can agree that they don’t get paid in the same way an ordinary employee would.


The CEO of the cleaning company must pay it’s workers no less than 20x of what he/she gets, including any dividends, shares etc…


Ahh but you don’t see the point. The CEO of the company (not the cleaning company) do not have to abide by the 20x rule. Therefore, they can ignore the fact that cleaners are paid very little, and still pay exuberant amounts in cash to themselves. They are diminishing employee rights because of this rule. Instead of creating equality, this 20x rule simply means that all of the low paid people in the company are fired and replaced with contracts with other companies. Cleaners are fired, and replaced with paying a cleaning company.


yes, but one can go after the cleaning companies themselves, many of these are maga operations making vast coin - get them to pay


No. Just no. I dare for you to name one cleaning company that has been in the news recently regarding inequality of pay.


Wtf’s that gotta do with it?


I, too, wish to send our most successful CEOs and innovators overseas.