Relationship with God

Christians believe that if they let God consume them and make them full, then everything else wouldn’t matter. I prayed for that a lot. However, there are distractions and desires in life that makes me doubt that. e.g. I do think about having a bf, I do worry about my family, I do need to study to prove that I am better etc. If you have any ideas on overcoming fleshly desires and earthly worries, and letting God to complete you, plz do let me know. I wanna read about your thoughts.

I think it would be beneficial to study hard, get into relationships and all that good social stuff to learn and grow as an individual. Thats just me though.

I totally agree but among the things you say, some depends on your will power and actual action and some just depends on luck and chance really. Some people say I wish I was pretty, but some of the pretty ppl out there are lonely and without a bf as well.

Well, its all about finding the courage/inspiration/will to do things. You just have to make a lot of personal choices on how you want your life to be, and then dedicate yourself to accomplishing them.

It could be a long journey and I am just wondering how you cn make your day better in the process of achieving your goals and actually enjoy it.

Well, if you want to accomplish a gaol and need to think of what will come out of accomplshing it. Usually, when you accomplish somehting, you feel happy and rewarded with the fact that you did something. So, you could just think of the personal rewards that will come about by you accomplishing something. Also, if your task you want to accomplish involves helping others, either directly or indirectly, just think of how much you are helping someone in the end. They will appreciate it.

Just think of life as a long road that you are walking down to get to a destination that will make you happy, and the journey worth while. But a lot of pot holes and obsticles cover this road. You must navigate these obsticals in order to keep going to reach your happyness. This is life. Life is a bumpy road we all must venture onto in order to reach something that makes us happy, and in the end it is the experiances that we have that makes it interesting.

it sounds like you’re lonely and looking for someone to be close with, because you dont think you’ll be getting that something with the people you already know.

church, friends, and family are supposed to take a bit of that longing and desire off your shoulders, but it can’t take all of it away.

your relationship with God is supposed to keep you from getting too hung up about not having someone or someone leaving you, its not going to take away your want of a boyfriend. by all means, try to get a boyfriend or let a boy come to you; your relationship with God will still be there when you need Him.

Thanks for your thread, I think all of the things you said were true. However, everytime I achieve something after a long haul and by overcoming challenges, the happiness will pass and ppl will start taking granted on it again. e.g. when I first got my BA at college, I was proud and relieved but then now that I do grad studies, the past seems unimportant (don’t get me wrong, the achievement would always be something good that I remember, it’s just not the thing to get you happy and not stressed/depressed in a daily basis).

I know what you mean but the boy thing doesn’t just happen you see. And I hate the fact that I am a bit incomplete without a bf.