Relay for life pictures


Just the thread on MF. I figured a lot of old MF’ers mostly on post here now days… I know I dont visit MF as much anymore.


thats cool, yea its been the first time for me in a couple of weeks…


i like the water gun idea, i think i’ll have to try that this friday night at our relay for life. did the water gun go over well?


Re: RE: Relay for life pictures…

Yeah it did… also, may be a little late for this one… but one team made a Jail/tent deal put the tent frame together but got cardboard strips and made it a jail.

They had a deal with the announcers every half hour… you could pay 2$ to put someone in jail… then they would have to buy their way out for 2$

They made a TON of money that way… people were doing it all night.


that is cool. I like the water gun idea too. :slight_smile: