So recently I’ve started going back to my catholic roots.
I’m just wanting to know what everyones’ opinions and stories are.
So like, were you raised what you are/ did you convert (or start to not believe).
Idk I’ve just recently come to some realizations about myself and personal beliefs, and I’m becoming catholic again. So I just want to know how everyone feels about religion and stuff and general.


Raised as a semi-secular Jew.

Stay as a semi-secular Jew.

The magical money witchcraft is just so hard to give up.


I literally busted out laughing at that last part oh my god. Are you sure you allowed to tell me, a goyim, about your secret jew magic?


Eh, why not. We’re a dying breed anyways. Heres the trick:




Also just generally be smart with your money. Save up, don’t impulse buy, don’t have more kids than you can support, use birth control (catholics aren’t a huge fan of this one), and avoid any pork that isn’t bacon


Well shit the Lord forgives you know, so basically what you’re telling me is that since you guys are dying off, if the Catholic Church incorporates some of your ways, we could be powerful again. :thinking::thinking:


Well, there’s nothing you can do to stop us, so no real harm done.


Oh shit true. Your german jews started the Illuminati so.


The Jewish Question is a very interesting topic to research. I would recommend you read some good books on it; Culture of Critique is the most well known book on the matter.
I was raised a Unitarian Universalist.


WTF do you mean the “Jewish question”?


I was raised a non-denominational Christian
Now an agnostic atheist after deciding to be logically consistent.


How do you assimilate a nation’s Jewish Population into the nation’s population.


Start by not persecuting them. That usually works. We’re proud of our heritage, and that will never change. But we can also feel a loyalty to our nation. I see nothing wrong with that.

In WW1, in Germany Jews volunteered for the military at a substantially higher rate than other Germans. Just because we’re proud of our heritage and culture doesn’t mean that we’re disloyal to the nation in which we reside. I’m proud to be Jewish and to be American. You can have both.


Well yes, but there are a whole load of different factors to take in. It’s just like any other question of how do we assimilate a ethnically different population into our nation and culture. The Jewish Question however is often proposed as a wholly different level due to the German’s persecution of them. It’s very evident to see that you, along with most people, are very likely to feel attacked when the question arises; however it is the question equivalent to asking how do we solve black american’s culture problem. Now another question arises when we talk about persecution, and the ever blurring line of the action. What counts as persecution of a ethnic group? I have spoken to some who say just don’t make laws that pertain to them, which I agree with wholeheartedly; but others say persecution can be linked to people not supporting Zionism. I have no quarrels with any ethnic groups in the US, most are trying, if not already, assimilated with American culture. However it is important to revisit such topics as to ensure that all peoples, not just Jews, are continuing to remain assimilated under Old Glory.


I sort of see your point, however, culture should not be the responsibility of the state, as it is too random and functions on too grand a scale for any government to effectively control it (without that government becoming authoritarian).


It is not a function of the state, never have I made a reference to it being a function of the state. What I did reference was that the people need to address things like this, usually in the schools, and then address it if it become an issue at a higher level; as all nations do.


Jews ARE assimilated. You can be assimilated into a culture without completely voiding your heritage. I live in NY, where there are tons of Polish-Americans, Irish-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Afro-Americans, Italian-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Brazilian-Americans, etc, and while they all identify with their heritage, they are all distinctly American. Unlike Europe, North America isn’t limited by the same embedded cultures and centuries of grudges and conflicts, which allows for a multicultural nation to work while still being united.


Which is wonderful, however the problem isn’t a static one, it is dynamic and it is rich in history. It is good for people to research and learn about how different people’s are raised, how they think, group identity, and it is important for them to be proud of that. The Jewish Question has been solved in the US, and it was through assimilation, the Second World War, and Israel. But that does not negate the importance of learning about the topics which made people have to question if a people can properly be assimilated. Americans are always American first, and whatever else second, but if that standard changes then there would be some very negative consequences.


America first is not an excuse to fuck other nations over though. If you are worried about the assimilation of the current wave of immigrants from Latin America, then I would implore you to look at the European immigrants before them. They initially were not popular and people held many of the same fears as you might; however, within just a few generations they assimilated peacefully while still managing to retain part of their heritage. The US is a melting pot, and when a new generation of immigrants arrives they dissolve into that melting pot while adding something unique to the alloy.


America first just means our interest over the others interest. I have no fear of assimilation with immigrants into the US; where did this come up?


I didn’t say you did. Its just something that I might’ve suspected from your political affiliation, but I see I was wrong. Just put it there in case