Religious lies. Why do we knowingly accept them?


Religious lies. Why do we knowingly accept them?

People, I hope, are not foolish or gullible enough to really believe in the talking serpent and donkey of the bible nor the 72 virgins ot the Qur’an. I also hope their gullibility is not broad enough to have them swallow all the other supernatural ideas floated by religions. The ancients intelligently knew that nothing could be known of the supernatural.

Modern priests, preachers and imams ignore the unknowability of the supernatural constantly while lying to us about the Gods.

I do not want to believe that we are as gullible as some people seem to be.

Why then do you think we knowingly pay and suport priests, preachers and imams, perpetual liars in my view, to lie to us?


How do you know they’re lying?


How can you be gullible enough to believe they are telling the truth?

Do you think there are real talking serpents and donkeys?


Much of Genesis, the creation story included, is written in poetic language. This would suggest that they are not necessarily factual. The difference between us is that I recognise when the text is poetic and when it is prose.


So you do not believe in Adam and Eve either then?

Is Jesus also just a fictional poetic character?

It would be strange if you read some of scriptures as literal and some as poetry as without an index, you would not know for sure which parts are which.


I never said I do not believe in them, just that it is poetic language.

Well the 4 gospels were not written in poetry, they were written in prose, as accounts, by 4 separate people. Jesus’ existence has also been verified by other contemporary non-Jewish historians.

I know which parts are which by understanding the language in which the OT and NT were written. Psalms and Proverbs are obviously poetic, and Genesis is written in the same formula. It is not a case of reading some parts literally and not others, it is simply a case of reading the text as it was meant to be read. You don’t pick up a novel and read it as a factual event, nor do you read a newspaper as though it is poetic.

The OT is a better example of varying styles, where you have poetry, prose and prophetic language. The NT contains little (if any) poetry, is mostly prose, with some apocalyptic (Revelation) writings. Perhaps this is why many Christians have applied the OT literally (aside from biased, uninformed theology), because that is how the NT is normally understood. The Jews have always known that there exists in the Hebrew Bible (OT) different forms of literature.