Remember Dr. Demento?


Anyone remember. lol. Not sure why but “Fish heads” just popped into my head. Now it wont leave. There were a bunch of crazyness kinda songs on that show he had.


I remember dr roboto


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That was Mr Roboto. :smiley:


shadd up u…dr mr same difference


must I keep reminding you people I build BOMBS for a living…sheesh…whos going to have to be the example :lol


Dr. roboto. LMAO. thats great. It was a radio show on and my dad let me listen to tapes ( im WAY to young to listen to it in person) But the dude was a huge weirdo. Look it up and i think you can listen to sound clips. The Fish heads song is the craziest.


Yup, I sure do. Me and my friends would get stoned and listen to Dr. D on Sunday nights when we were in High School. That’s where Weird Al got his start.
I would think your too young to remember him. :wtf …
or maybe he’s still pumping but just not on any of my radio stations anymore.


lol… nope. Im too young. youre right. My dad has old tapes he taped from the radio. and i got him the Dr. demento Cd for his B-day.


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Ah ha! He has a CD? I’ll get it for old time sake. Like I said, me and your ol man would get along great. :rock


lol… yup. Just another thing you have in common. He also enjoyes old war movies, ganster movies, anytihng to do with the mob, booze, big titties, Mustangs, Misfits. lol. The list goes on.

But yea he has a CD out. Check it out… pretty cool.