Resignation - Frankie


Hi everyone,

Firstly, I would like to say how privileged I feel to have had this opportunity and to have met all of you lovely people.

Working for YD has had its highs and lows, and I hope I am leaving the site in a better way than when I was hired as a member of staff over two years ago.

I leave my position to @lake, who will be supported by the current staff team.

Thank you for all the difficulties, the arguments and the friendships. You are all wonderful people, and I hope you all achieve your dreams. X


Was great working with you frankie for my short time in the staff team :slight_smile: Thanks for doing such a great job with the forums! Stay well :slight_smile:


Wow Martina actually convinced somebody to do something



You are the best director this forum has had and will ever have. You have brought this forum in a great direction no matter who the owner was.

Some will cheer at this resignation but you are truly valued by me and most other members of this forum. Remember this forum is thriving and it’s all down to you and your figurehead management.

On this note, I’m probably going to leave too but I hope we can keep in touch over facebook!

Gods speed!



You have also been the best employer and team leader I could’ve wished for as a member of staff x


Thank you so much, you are too sweet. X


So sad to hear you leaving Frankie!

Thank you for making me feel so welcome alongside the rest of the team when I joined a couple months back. You’re a lovely woman and I hope your future remains in your luck x x


Thank you sweetie! You too, I wish you all the happiness in the world. X


Thanks for everything frankie, hope to still see you around sometimes.


“Frankie is dead and we have killed her.” - YD


I’ll miss you too. :blush::two_hearts:


Goodbye Frankie, pop back in from time to time, was nice working for you!


I’ll miss you Frankie :frowning:


lol martina got banned and 4 people quit in a hissy fit

whether you liked martina or not he/she kept this site alive in whatever is left of it, now we have 5 active people less

but then again YD was never known for its lack of really salty vaginas


Who quit in a hissy fit?


the 3 anons who followed frankie like some kind of brigham young

i dont care either way, the only thing i care about is site activity, so it’s not nice to see this sites chronic decline be sped up

at least unban martina


You quitting YD altogether or just returning to normal member status.

if the former, cya around.


I see some open spots in moderators list, since underscore is gone and i suspect another mod is, sips coffee


We have enough mods, in my opinion staff team before underscore etc. left was too large, doesn’t take that many staff members to moderate a forum of this size.


I know, im being an opportunist