Resignation - Frankie


Gonna be going over this and a few other things with a feedback thread soon.


I’ll just be a normal member. :blush:


Does that mean you will be giving your opinions on things and seriously/regularly engaging us now instead of just staring at our arguments? why u no do this when i was a dumb right winger


Or did i just answer my own question


I’ll be around as much as possible. :blush:


Lol whom?


I look forward to it socialist bae. hands you ak


underscore liberalofthenorth and rinveron


and nothing will be missed


Might I ask where you’re going?


I just need to be concentrating on other things in life. I’ll still be around. :blush:


Thanks for your hard work @Frankie! Good idea though, enjoy life- there will always be people to debate :slight_smile:



oh nvm then

i was sad but now im happy

frankie isn’t leaving!


in the real world, there’s millions of Martinas!:grinning:



this is the strongest argument against democracy


Hi Frankie,

I just want to say how much I enjoyed working with you in YPD last year. I’ll admit, when we first started working together, I was pretty unsure of you, but you were a great person to work with, and though we were not working together for long, I did enjoy it. I want to wish you all the best in the future, and I would like to see you on the forums still. All the best.


Hi Ben, thank you so much! Best of luck for the future. X