Resize This?


I have a GIF, and I was hoping somebody here could resize it so I can use it as an avatar. Just make it the standard size that most avatars are. Thanks.


EDIT by admin-- too graphic of a picture to put anywhere except underground. NEXT time, warn someone w/ a NSFW tag!


i wouldnt use that as an avatar :barf :tard


You never saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?



I would say yes, but that one (the newer one) is a disgrace to the original and the GOOD movie.


What the hell are you talking about?

  1. That is a clip from the Remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  2. The original movie sucked.



Nah, this one was alright too. As for resizing it - tough luck! It can’t be done, unless you edit it with the same program the image was made in. If you simply resize it, the image will become a still because all the GIFs in there will be removed. You can shove it into your signature though. I think that would do just fine.


Eh, that works. I have no idea who made it and what program was used. I saw it on a girl’s profile on and loved it.



thats some nasty shit right there. i dont care if thats from a movie or not thats just discusting.


:barf thats gross


Aw come on… see what you made him do? He removed it. Congratulations people!


I removed it! :wink:

As for resizing a gif, use imageready.


What is ImageReady, and where can I get it? Does it cost anything?


Re: RE: Resize This?

It comes along with Photoshop, and yes it’s quite expensive to buy.


back to this stupid shit again? get over it. gross pictures are NOT COOL.


Bah, whatever. Anyway - you can easily download Photoshop using torrents. I haven’t actually tried ImageReady but I heard you can use it for animated avatars and stuff like that.