Retired Greyhound Parade

We took our dog down to Walthamstow for a parade of retired greyhounds tonight. We even got to meet Miss Walthamstow who to be honest didn’t say a lot for the state of girls down there! :smiley: Anyway, here’s a few photos of tonight:)
The stadium with the dogs parading

Our dog, Toya, in the car park beforehand

Back home
Sarah with Toya

Me and Toya

hey awesome pics there :wink:

sweet pics Peter!! did your dog run in the races??

Nah, she’s retired now, she did run about 8 races down there last year but retired because she kept baulking. We even bumped into her owner from her racing days down there! She was a lot hotter than Miss Walthamstow!:smiley:

Hey Peter I heard those dogs are great house pets, Are they easy to maintain?

Perfect pets mate, very good natured:)

Hmmm I’ve been thinking about getting a dog when I graduate from college in 4 yr (yeah I plan ahead lol). I want a good natured loyal dog. I was thinking a Great Dane. Idk though.

Haha! Depends how much money, time, space and energy you’ve got. Great Danes require a lot of those!

Well looks like they’re out of the question, so greyhounds: price, time, space???

Well any dog raised right can fit those qualifications really…

Lab’s are good though… or Ughh… I lost the name… ill be back… goes to think

Greyhounds - I buy a big bag of complete food for about £10 ($20) about once every 6 weeks, she needs 2 20 minute walks a day and most of the rest of the time shes happy sleeping in her bed. Retired greyhounds take their retirement very seriously!:wink:

How much do they cost to get one?

The’re free if you get them from a retired greyhound kennel, they even give you a collar and lead for them.:slight_smile:

Damn good deal

Great pics. :slight_smile: Your wife is beautiful.

Peter looks like a crazy guy. lol

Good pics, gorgeous Greyhound too. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody!:slight_smile: