Retirement Age


With people living for ever more longer, should it be the case that we raise the retirement age to reflect this?


NO, because no one is going to employ an 83 yr old to work on a building site


NO, because no one is going to employ an 83 yr old to work on a building site

Who the fuck proposed raising it to 83?

Current IFS proposal is 66.

OT: Yes it should be raised, at the least. Really the whole pension system needs reform.


even if upped one yr it won’t create any jobs in itself, so what’s the point?? who the hell wants and old man working the tills, what emplyers really want are young blonde Slovak girls showing cleavage, it’s the way of the world!


no, some jobs simply are too requiring for older people to work.

even 65 is quite a push for, for example, the above mentioned building work.


yep, most 40 yr olds would struggle, and as for shops, bars etc… employers want young and attractive - so for the unskilled this is a pointless idea, it will just mean more people on benefits


@k11 How can we afford to pay the ever increasing welfare costs then?


@I_am_the_Senate How can we really expect older people to work at that age, who is going to employ them?


could cut down on foreign aid for a start and get rid of child benefit for those earning more than 20k


£12bn compared to £160bn? lol


Can we not just scrap retirement completely? Like many jobs older people will struggle with but they will also be better at other jobs?

If someone cannot work for health reasons they will already fit into the disability benefits, like retirement is just paying a bunch of people to not work


>Implying the only job out there is working on a building site.


what kind of unskilled jobs out there are keen to take on old men and women though? very few in fact


Why unskilled? If anything, older people are more likely to be skilled than people just out of college or other young people. Sure, physical jobs wouldn’t be that good, but they have a lifetime of experiences and possible skills to utilise.


Retail work, B&Q specifically targets older workers for their DIY knowledge. Any clerical work would also be fine.

But yeah um probably no unskilled jobs seeing as every job I can think of requires a skill of some kind. I highly doubt anyone could do any job perfectly on their first attempt. Saying unskilled jobs belittle those with different skill sets as lower than your own