Returning to sport after doping


Should athletes who have been caught doping in the past be faced with a permanent suspensions from competitive sport? Or should they be allowed to return?


If you wanted to be super strict about it, a ban for life would be the only way forward - you keep gains made from doping, unless you’re an idiot and doing EPO.

Personally, I don’t care. Everyone above a certain level is doping, it’s just the Russians unlucky enough to be caught this Olympics.


i think we should breed athletes, and then shoot them up with all the performance enhancing drugs we can find. so we get some real hardcore sports, not like the baby stuff we have now.


I think they should be allowed to return as long as they are tested for drugs each time they do a event.


I’d actually watch the olympics people were purposefully doping

Imagine watching some hyper-energised uber white kid run the 100m in 4.3 seconds. Would be hilarious.


The Olympics basically are doped up, they just don’t get caught, lol


Would you eventually have to permanently ban someone if they decided to continue using after coming back?


yes if they kept doing it.




Already mentioned that :wink:


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