Revelation of a secret orden/institution



Hey guys, sorry that I am hardly here, and be indulge, this is my first topic :blush:

I just asked myself: "What if there would be a worldwide institution, which would know everything, has the absolute control and overwatch the whole world, but with the aim to hold the peace and to rescue the earth. You can compare them with a herdsman, who keeps an eye on his sheep. – Now the situation … You have the power to reveal the whole institution. That means, all the secrets, hidden relations, and the elite, who worked in this institution.”

So, would you do it or not? But don’t forget that every deed has a consequence, for example, civil war or revolution, and the heavy burden to life with your decision. So, would you do it?

(And additionally, there is still the danger that the institution could be reveal per accident and that - I think - could be worse than a planned revelation.)


Yes I would.


Perfect, thank you!


Yes, I would. I also think their absolute control and surveillance of the world in secret conflicts with their aims.


I would, but only because I would use it to give myself power in any way I could.


Sure, as long as they don’t push degeneracy, weakness, and anti-Nationalist rhetoric; oh wait, they would. I’d expose them.


Define degeneracy?


Push culture that is anti-authority, or push a culture that is far too pro-authority. Push the idea that mental disorders are normal and people with mental disorders should be seen and treated as normal or pushing the idea that mental disorders cannot be fixed or healed. Pushing consumerist trash that only promotes the well being of a corporation over the well being of the mass of people, and the individuals in which that mass is made up of, or pushing for the complete power of the individuals and group collective over any private businesses. Generally unbalancing social norms and authority, these actions lead to a degeneration of a nation and its eventual downfall, either through economic woes or cultural and moral destruction, often pertaining to the family unit.


You mean like how people on the left sometimes self-diagnose and stuff right? Because treating people with depression and BPD like pariahs isn’t beneficial to them, and sometimes drugs can only do so much. Schizophrenics shouldn’t be treated like social outcasts because of something they can’t control. They should be treated as normal as possible. And some mental disorders actually can’t be fixed or healed, so.


@thegaydespot I completely agree. You can try to aid people with mental disorders without ostracizing them, which doesn’t actually help anyone.


People have uses, I know two Schizophrenics and they are able to somewhat help themselves by taking medication, however there are plenty of people on the right and left who disagree with allowing people with these disorders to live freely, which is absurd.


If they display violent tendencies then yes, but there are schizophrenics who don’t have have tendencies like that ( most don’t). Many get used to their hallucinations and can live with them. Yes, them driving can be dangerous, but only so much so than usual. An average person can easily kill you with a car just as much as someone with a mental disorder can. Also, the possibility of tracking and sustaining everyone with such a mental disorder is impossible. Again, most ‘mental disorders’( quite the broad term also, most mental disorder people can live day by day life with, it’s tough and hard, but they can do it.) are tough to deal with, but can be liveable. Violence ( especially against others) is not an everyday occurence of most people with a disorder. People with bipolar disorder may have distressing lives, but they can still get by. People with major depressive may often struggle to get by, but most of them aren’t thinking ‘lets go shoot up a school’. Most people who do stuff like that may show ‘signs’ but they usually have anti-social personality disorder, they’re not schizophrenic or bipolar. Trying to track and monitor and control all people with mental disorders is unrealistic, and treating them like criminals will only make those who feel isolated feel more isolated and make them more likely to go out and commit atrocities. (Kaczynski is an outlier, he also went undiagnosed. He got jailed which I agree with, but just because of him doesn’t mean all schizophrenics are bombers who want to kill people)


But also it depends on how bad the disorder is too. Most people with schizophrenia probably should be living with a family or someone to help them. But trying to control all of that is quite the big project, and then to extend that to all mental disorders, oof.


Secrets lead to war. I’d expose them.

A good read on secret societies is a short story by Jorge Luis Borges called “The Sect of the Phoenix”.