RFID chips in Gillette Razors


"RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, a technology that uses tiny computer chips smaller than a grain of sand to track items at a distance.

RFID “spy chips” have been hidden in the packaging of Gillette razor products and in other products you might buy at a local Wal-Mart, Target

  • and they are already being used to spy on people.

Maybe its all a hoax, but I am not sure.





I dont understand what that would be good for?? How does Gillette get the picture back? I think its a hoax???


Gillette purchased 500,000 RFID chips to put into thier products. The chips send out a 64 bit number when “awoken” by a radio wave. This can only happen in a range of just under 3 feet. The 72,000,000,000,000,000 digit number is just that, a number. It cannot store information other than the number that it was loaded with. Basically it’s nothing more than a UPC code that can be read with a radio wave from 3 feet away. This will enable the use of “smart shelves” that will alert the stock boy when it’s time to restock the shelves. Or it will give the manufacuter the ability to identify where the product was made and who inspected the lot. It’s just a number, no camera, no loss of privacy…


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and also helps detecting shoplifting :dunno


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[quote=RecklessTim] no loss of privacy…[/quote] If this was true, just think, a spy camera on a razor, and people shaving their crotches… :rofl :lol


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lets not think about that… :gay :barf


I mean the chicks you fag.


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Sattelites my dear. IF THERE WERE spy cameras, they would send a signal code to a sattelite in orbit, and that sattelite would relay the pictures to some place. Easy.


Whatever all this means, I will no longer be buying Gillette razors ever again.


I don’t think I use gillette razors anyways, I dunno I’d have to go look. Either way, I’m sure razors aren’t the only thing that have chips in them to spy on people, so I’m not worried about it. I have nothing to hide, so… yeah, it just doesn’t seem true so I’m not worried.


I personally dont think its really true myself, but, I just dont want somebody watching every little move I make if by chance it is true. Thats an invasion of privacy. I havent done anything wrong, so why watch every move I make? :dunno


so your worried about a simple chip that helps with inverntory, but your not worried about cell phone chips… :dunno :tard


Good point lemon. With your cell phone, they can find you where ever you are. Most cell phones don’t even have to be on for it to be tracked.


I don’t care if someone is spying on me through my razor. Thats their problem.