Right-wing populism and decline in geopolitical power of the west


Recently, as you may have noticed, Trump’s tariffs have greatly harmed the standing of the US globally. Even if they do accomplish their intended goal, we will still have alienated our allies from us. Similar things are happening in Europe with France almost electing an anti-EU candidate despite the EU being one of the few things keeping the French economy relevant. Same goes for Germany with the AfD, though they have seen a lot less success.

While some populist movements such as the 5-star coalition in Italy seem to tolerate the EU, the increase in anti-EU sentiment is directly against the interests of the vast majority of EU nations. The EU provides it’s smaller members with economic and diplomatic aid, allowing them to grow while allowing Germany to become the world’s third largest exporter and France to remain a major agricultural center despite its inefficiency.

While the EU and globalism as a whole has plenty of flaws it is the only successor to imperialism which is viable in the modern world if a nation wishes to remain internationally significant. History has shown that when nations isolate themselves they drag behind and when eventually forced to open themselves up, they are unprepared and usually collapse. We saw this happen with the Qing , Sparta, and Sub-Saharan Africa (though the latter didn’t have much of a choice), Japan just narrowly avoided it in the 1800s, it’s currently happening to the UK and Russia (and to some extent the US as well) and it could very well happen to the rest of the west

I’m sure many of you will disagree so lets debate in the comments (with civility please, less Gracchi brothers more Athenian Republic)


Europe and the USA is rapidly running out of places to exploit to maintain their respective wealth through super profits, we are beginning to see the resulting fallout of that. Combined with Capital escalating its ability to detach themselves from state power. Traditional controls that would hold capital at least somewhat inline now cannot even function at all.

They aren’t really against the EU , its an easy target to blame for the actual problems afflicting Europe, (i.e its economic decline). The poles haven’t even made an attempt at leaving the eu despite making massive amounts of bluster with it during their elections. If anything Poland is actually a committed eu member, they joined Pesco without complaint, the EU military alliance.

We have a term for it, neo colonialism.

It depends on the nature of the isolationism, its objectives and causes, the USA was decidedly isolationist for much of its history yet was still one of the best economies of the world for so long, it only really dropped isolationism when it became the new hegemon after britains navy fell apart. Economies require nurture and globalism makes it extremely difficult to do that because states intervening is disadvantaging entities not tied to nations, i.e multi national corps. The increasing power of capital should also be noted, there are corporations and individuals today more powerful then entire states representing millions of people, the migrant crisis being a big cause for the rise of reactionary’s in Europe was caused by American imperialism in Libya, Libya was literally stopping the migrant crisis from happening.



The US was only very briefly isolationist during the 20s and 30s. For most of our history we were undergoing a genocide of natives in order to make space and it succeeded.

Globalism, so long as it isn’t exploitative, is positive. It allows major nations access to fresh manpower, markets and resources and gives minor nations a boost to allow them to industrialize. I think the best example of this is West Germany after WW2. Globalism is not imperialism by any means. The latter is inherently exploitative while the former can be, but doesn’t have to be. So long as there is oversight that isn’t a problem. We just need to kick the major nations down a peg