well it is official ther will be a rocky 6 soon it will start filming sometime next year and will be about rocky making a comeback from retirement




i agree…we were talkin bout that today in school actually. WHY ?? supposedly theres going to be a new Rambo coming out too…starring the man himself. that, ill see…Rocky, HELL NO.


He should make “Over the Top 2”… :lol That movie was the shizz back in the day!


hell yes it was. i thought there was a 2nd one ???


Really? I wonder if it was any good?


the sad thing is I’ll prolly go see it in the theatre




I heard they cancelled the movie…

They had a contest to see if anyone could guess the lines in the movie, and over 1000 entrants guessed the movie word for word.

:rofl :rofl :rofl


I think i read where adrian is not in the movie, i guess she died from old age?..


every preview I see it says rocky is alone and lonely…so where is adrian and his son?


I wanna see Rambo 4.
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Re: RE: rocky

dont quote me on that…i could be wrong…but i THOUGHT there was a 2nd one…