Roleplay GM Applications


There has been interest in Youthdebates hosting an RP of some sort.

To that effect, we would like some more information from people, including if anyone is interested in being the “GM” for the roleplay. Ideally, there would be two, as that means there is more chance of at least one GM being online if needed.

If you are interested in overseeing an RP, we would like you to answer these questions as a reply to this thread:

  1. What kind of Roleplay are you interested in hosting on Youthdebates?

  2. Do you have any experience as GM of a roleplay? If yes, please describe.

  3. How often will you be able to be online and available to manage the RP?

  4. Why should we consider you the best applicant for this role?

If you are not interested in being the GM for a roleplay, you can also use this thread to tell us which kind of roleplay you are interested in.


1 - Parliament RP where we create mock parties and ideologies and follow them (regardless of whether we agree with them or not)

2 - Nope

3 - Hopefully a day depending on if certain places have wifi (I’m tripping through Italy rn)

4 - Nope

  1. I think the RP should be a model parliament, based on our own model nation. Members who play will be able to join parties, write and vote on laws, in a model nation which echoes real life political events, either by being directly affected by them, or by allegory or satire.

  2. I formed the game ‘The Republic of Alandia’ on Facebook in 2015, and it was very popular, with good levels of activity and interesting events, sometimes satirical and sometimes more reality based. Our nation was based on Ireland, and its best aspect was that members had a lot of input in the game, and had great ideas for the game.

  3. If needed, I would be happy to come on here every day for maintenance, and try to post situations for players to solve once a week, like dealing with strikers, pressure groups, state visits, etc.

  4. I would say my experience in playing in and running RP’s gives me basic skills, and my familiarity with the YD community, but I think you should consider me because I would try to run the RP based on player suggestion, with a group of mods to make sure that things are run smoothly. Even if I am not put in charge of it, I’d be an active player, and if I were to leave, I’d be an active player



Do you think it would be best to make it based on a real world situation, i.e. historical or present time?

Maybe if you had it based on a current/historical nation and then have like other made up countries based on real ones ( or even the real ones themselves). That’d be interesting I think.


Well, the key thing is to base the situations on things that happen in the real world, but with analogues and fictional versions of real things. When we did the troubles in Alandia, we had a group called the Nortian Liberation Front, as our own IRA, and they wanted the North of the island as it had its own regional identity. My idea (bearing in mind this is without ANY input and this is just my basic idea going forward) I would start it in 1945, in the nation of Tomainia. If you’ve ever watched the film ‘The Great Dictator’ that is the nation the movie is based in. If I was GM for this RP, I’d base it in 1941 or something, or a few years after Charlie Chaplin’s character dies, and start it off like that. Ultimately, players will be shaping things, and my job would essentially to develop those things or throw a curveball and test those things.




Not to be a stickler, but this RP will, too, die like the rest.

Cancellation of RP

Jesus. Just let it happen. If it dies, it dies. Meh.


Hahah, okay. Jesus.


Might as well give it a try.


Personally I feel that the current forum layout isn’t ideal for an RP. But I can see about being a GM.

  1. Centered around either nations or some sort of senate.
  2. I’ve been the GM of several rp’s through the years.
  3. At least daily. My schedule is fairly scarce besides studying.
  4. I have six years of roleplay experience, was a significant player in the Atlantis Senate, and can be really dedicated when it comes to one which captures my interest.


Good heavens.


Would kill to have a rp GMed by Walpo.


What was it that caused the Atlantis Senate to be retired? Was it just due to lack of activity, or a mixture of circumstances?


The 1.0 version ran strong for almost a year if memory serves. It was mainly retired due to chaos stemming from the senate having a civil war. 2.0 went strong for a few months but was retired due to a lack of activity, as did 3.0. There was a planned reboot last year around April but the user supposed to be in charge of it left and nothing happened.


Ahh, thanks for clearing that up. Whoever becomes the GM needs to be responsible for ensuring that the game remains simple enough for new players to jump on and active so that it doesn’t retire again. Alandia has been retired a few times due to inactivity on the part of members and the admins. I think another part of it is other commitments as well. I have university studies, while others may have college or school or uni themselves.


A UN style RP sounds cool, anything without elections. As much as I like elections, they’re too much work and cause too many disputes.


Just to clear it up there will be two GMs


I think that’s probably for the best.