Roleplay GM Applications

  1. same as vulpes
  2. i ran senates 1 and 2 fight me
  3. my summer holiday started last week i am free literally all the time
  4. I was a fairly successful speaker, I have a history of mostly goodwill on the forum, I have a heck ton of roleplaying experience which i am not required to detail, and finally, because i know you love me, Scott.


Applications will be closed 00:00 Sunday 25th June.


I take it they’re closed now then?




Sounds good. When will we find out who the GM’s are?


Lake’s busy for a couple of days so we won’t be able to have a proper staff talk about it until he’s back. Shouldn’t be more than a few days after that though.




This isn’t Reddit




i have the waller seal of approval there’s no way i can lose now!





Kiss of death.*


Yes, but you have a black cat on your side as well, which neutralizes the bonus.


@bandy and @Flavia will be the GMs for the new role play.


no way!


Yes way. Deal with it mofo. Gratz!


Won’t lie, I am disappointed that I was not picked, as I felt I had some fresh ideas to add to a new RP on Youth Debates. While I have no doubt that @bandy and @Flavia will do a good job, is it not irksome that one of them is an admin. You could have at least had someone new. Oh well.


Neither of them are admin.


@JoshWaller is Bandy’s thing though


A RP made by the best girls on the forum.

This will be epic.