Roleplay GM Applications


No one who is sane would make me admin.


I don’t even know what you’re trying to say now, but I’ll say this -

Bandy is not an admin.
Flavia is not an admin.
Waller is also not an admin (not sure why you’re including him though)
Finally, just to be extra obvious - Bandy is not Waller, Waller is not bandy.


i contest this


Don’t confuse the guy, lmao


No, its pissing me off the confusion.


It’s very simple.

Neither Bandy nor Flavia are admin, and Bandy isn’t Waller.


Yeah, i’m allegrif, hence my title as founder


As funny as this is, this all needs to be clear for everyone, so that’s enough.






that’s an order from your commander


Won’t lie, the staff have noted that you only become active when there’s some sort of leadership role to be had.


Activity doesn’t denote when I am just reading debates, etc. I have been here all this time.


Well you can change that to “post”. You only post when there is a leadership role available.


I don’t.


And running an RP? Is that a leadership role? I don’t really think it is. I think it is a supervised role


This notion that I am power hungry, and I only post when I want a role is offensive to me and grossly inaccurate.


You very much do:

You started posting again 4 days ago with your first post in one and a half months on the announcement thread where this role was announced (excluding Frankie’s resignation).

You came back during the voting of “Community Rep”, although to be fair you didn’t run - back on April 17th.

And then you came back in January with your first post since November 12th being this on the announcement of Staff roles:

This doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me.

I never claimed you were “power hungry” but there is enough of a correlation to deduce that you only appear to post after an announcement of a position is made.

Don’t play dumb. Nitpicking at the words used does not change the message or point.


I don’t believe those things necessarily correlate, but I can see why you think that. I agree to disagree with you. I consider myself a part of a community, and I try to comment and post my own stuff, regardless of roles available or not. I will continue to run for roles, because I feel I can offer my skills to you, but I do not deliberately come back just to get a role on the website.


Also, I think my Jan 17 application was not intended to be taken seriously. I was being funny.