Roleplay GM Applications


Yeah, that was real hilarious. Top laughs there. Really got my sides hurting.

Sure does look that way from what we’ve seen in your posting habits.


Solid detective work to expose this perfidious rogue.


*Loveable Rogue


I prefer perfidious.


I am a proud rogue, regardless.


In all honesty though, I do feel that both of us have inaccurate views of each other. I think you make a valid point, but I think that much of it is based on ideas and conclusions drawn from circumstance. I don’t come here for the roles, I do like it here regardless of available roles, but perhaps I have not been as active here as I should be. I will continue to do what I do, but perhaps I need to think before I apply.


I genuinely don’t have any views on you, I don’t have any predispositions, and I don’t believe we have properly debated before. However what we have observed is, on more than one occasion, for you to come back from a spell of inactivity to post exactly when a new position or role within the community pops up. It’s simple fact - not a thought or an “I think”. Your first post, consecutively, is when a new position becomes available - on all three on a related thread. There is no way to make an excuse.

I would be very disappointed if you believed any of the people on this site were gullible enough to believe this is true, but I would be even more disappointed if what you said here was true.

We are a very open forum, and I think I can speak for the staff team when I say we are glad to see that you are very interested in playing an active role in the community. I am sure there will be many more opportunities in the future that may present themselves.



Any progress? Decided what type of RP, etc.


Hell yeah.


We have most of the details worked out. Just finishing some stuff up first and might make a thread to get player input & interest before starting.




I might actually get into this, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

(Derp, wrote this before seeing the sticky. Good mod there, Scott)