Roll bar?


ok, so heres the story. my mother (i guess for good reason) wants me to get a roll bar for my vert. i dont know whats around since ive never shopped for one before. i dont know whats good/bad/whatevr… i didnt want one cuz i thought it would look retarded, but maybe if i saw i nice looking one id go for it.

also what is the cost of doing something like that - i know for cages they take the car apart to do it right, would they have to do that for this as well?

truthfully iw oujldnt mind if it looked ok, since it would add more stifness.

i saw this pic of one, (id probably want it in chrome or my car color though) is that the general style they come in?

just keep in mind mine is an 03, not a pre 99 like in the pic, and its true blue


my uncle drags his 88 cobra (it started as that, now it is a NOS fed, weld wheels, slicks, one seat, not street legal, racing machine) and it is a coupe, yet he still put in a cage. it is a 4-point one. it is black but hey bought it pre-bent and got it shipped and did the install. they = my uncle and cousin.

edit NHRA rules for verts are as follows: vert running 13.99 or quicker in 1/4 mile must be equipped with roll cage/roll bar, 5-point harness, and fire jacket.

although my uncles car was faster than 11.99 so he had the same stuff in his car.


i dont care su much about nhra, im not going to be racing - this is for safety, and stiffness…

just want to know about install costs, the look of it, etc…

i wouldnt mind a basic one like in that pic, but i dunno if black would look good with my car (, 03)


black would look sweet. it would be better than true blue cuz youd have to paint it true blue and theres more $$. roll cages are expensive. if you wont be racing, id tell your mom that the saleen or CDC lightbar is supportive and get that. I love the lightbars on verts.


actually for this year its changed to 13.49 for verts and 11.49 for other cars.

as far as the bar lots of places sell nice vert bars, but if you wanna stiffen the car and make it safer don’t get a bolt-in bar, only the weld-ins.


i figured weld in, same as with the subframes -

just dont know where to look or what to look for… the style i showed up there, would that look decent on my year? in what color? and also - how possible is it to have a roll bar and USE the back seat once in a while?

i just wish i could find more pictures of this


If you have it custom made you will be able to use the back seat no prob. I am sure there are kits out there but I don’t know of any off hand. A four point bar will help you in the stiffness dept. and still be easy to get in and out of the car, a six point will be MUCH stiffer but are kind of a pain for a daily driver. If you have the $$ get a chromoly bar they are lighter and stiffer, but will run almost double what a mild steel bar will cost.


with a 4 point, when you say its easy to get in and out, you mean the front seat or back…?
i dont think i want to go spend on something custom, id rather just get a premade one, as long as it didnt look retarded. ineed more picks to see what they look like though


I meant the front seats, it will be a pain in the ass to get in the back either way, but why do you care as long as you don’t have ride back there lol. A 6 point has bars that come by the doors.