Rosa Parks dies at the age of 92


sad day. i just heard on the news that she dies at 92 of natural causes at her home monday evening. she had a full life thats for sure.

RIP Rosa Parks

and for those who dont know who she is she be slapped but just incase she was the woman that refused to move to the back of the bus when a man told her cause she was black. she is known as the mother of the rights movement.

May God rest her soul.




i read that in the paper. Its sad. I did a paper on her in school. she was a good person.


I have to admit, that I have no clue what she did with the rest of her life after that. Of course she was a great symbol of change in America, but did she continue to work for it later on, or did she live her life out in peace?


The day she died, we were talking about her in school. We were discussing that book in class, “Raisin in the sun”, or something.


She paved a way for many african americans, so yeah she accomplished something and she was a good person and died at a good age, RIP.