RTS Games:


Anybody here play any PC RTS games? C&C, StarCraft, Axis&Allies etc? I picked up the Axis&Allies game awhile back, and it’s actually pretty bad ass.





Warhammer (aliate plays it it kicks ass)

Age of Empires.

Total War or whatever that new one is.


c and c
rome: total war
age of empires

stuff liek that


last year in school i was very into starcraft, havent played in a while though.


Yeah, I’ve not played that one in forever now either. But back in the day, I probably spent between 2 and 4 hours a day killen them damn bugs. LOL. It’s crazy that game is still around. I think it came out in '96 or something like that :tard That’s when you know they did a good job on a piece of software, when it’s still being sold in the stores and used by that many people almost 10 years later. :o


Rome TW is teh best next is warcraft. I am not one for the overhead clickfests but there are some that I enjoy


Im a huge fan of Starcfaft!!! In fact, I have it on my computer right now!! LOL Wanna play online??? :smiley:


id play starcraft but i dont have it on the comp right now…


Hell yeah honky, we should get a game going. I’d better brush up, but beware the power of the Protos. :rock :rock


Thats what I use also. Cant lose with the Protos. LOL


protos is fun to use, but if youre good, the other guys are loads of fun too. the zergs? common - have you ever done a drop (damn i cant remember the units names, havent played in that long… ) with those guys that spit… the ones you ussually get after zerglings? you know tahts fun…

sending out like 40 ships worth and watching somenes base fall to shizz is fun…

and using the other guys (damn i cant even remmeber the team name…hehe) and making INSANE defense setups with the tanks and stuff?


if i ever put it back on my comp at home we should get a game…


Terran, Zerg and Protos.

Personally I like the Protos’s defense but I also know the terran seige tanks well also. I was a masta at that game… until I went to Korea and some eight year old spanked my ass. I was crying!!!



until I went to Korea and some eight year old spanked my ass. I was crying!!![/quote]

You let an 8 year old Korean kid give you a spanking?? :wtf

LOL j/k man.

That game comes down almost entirly to who can micro-manage their forces best. If you’re good at using your support units, you’re unstoppable. For Protos, my signature attack (if going air, which I do against the Terrans) is 2 full groups of carriers, backed by some scouts for close support. Keep 2 Arbiters following your carriers so they stay clocked. Also keep 2 or 3 observers following your guys around so you can see what’s going on. Keep some light templars in transport ships close by. When you engage, drop the templars and make illusions of your arbiters and then hit the other force with a few Psyonic Storms. Right there you’ve about won the fight.

Zerg have the weekest support units, and I think Protos have the best. But the humans are a very close second.


carriers are fun, but thats what everyone does :smiley:

personally i like parking a load of tanks just outside the range of a camps defense and slowly eating it… with some faster supports to make sure the tanks can stay aroudn…but if you have enough tanks, they cant be touched anyway. goliath raids are fun too.

problem is with terrans its not always easy to get developed quickly enough to actually do that.