Runaway Bride


So, do you think that the courts were a little hard on Jennifer Wilbanks today while at court or do you think she got what she deserved? She was the one who skipped town 3 days before her wedding and then called home and said she had been abducted and assaulted. The courts gave her 2 yrs probation and 120 hrs community service plus she has to pay the sherriffs office in Duluth, GA $2,250 which is not including $13,250 she has to pay the city of Duluth to help cover the cost that incurred while searching for her. I think she got what she deserved myself.


I think she should just pay the fine and let that be that!!

She is alittle craZy I think!


hell yea she did. she wasted TAXPAYER’S money. so she should refund that. the community service is cool too, maybe she can think about what she did (shes done it before too) while she picks up garbage off the road…


should of been harder


if i were the judge, i would have fined her an additional


for making me rule in such a stupid case, for being stupid, and for making up a stupid defense that was just stupid…

she deserved it


they should of thrown the books at her


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:rofl :funnah


what the slut was out banging guys and hoing it up putting her man through hell


Its one thing to be afraid to get married…

But to make me pay for your mistake…


She needs to pay for publicity!!!


Off with her head!!!


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She did nothing wrong. I don’t see what the big deal is.


Electric chair is the only option…


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For someone thats runs/owns a halfass website.


did i just read that :wtf


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Do I have banning powers yet???


i was thinking the same thing, but he is cool guy- just a very inapropriate comment right there…

its one thing to not agree with a post, but to make that comment… bad idea


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For someone thats runs/owns a halfass website.[/quote]

whats the problem with that comment? i thought he was talking about mustangforums :banana


but he responded to joe with that… joe doesnt run/own MF. i like OT better than MF and i have already picked up some tech tips at MM

maybe he will come back on later and explain his comment?


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I was thinking more along the lines with hanging