Runescape hosts LGBT pride event, players go absolutely apeshit


This is truly the darkest timeline.


Runescape needs a shit-ton of Muslim migrants sent in ASAP.


What horse, the only reactions I’ve seen negative are from r/2007scape, which polled 8k people, which is a small fraction of people even on the sub, let alone the player base, and it was like 60% against.

It’s a bunch of whiner babies that think they have a majority when events like this were previously polled by the community and approved.



as other players have mentioned in the reddit thread there is 0 obligation to participate in events, they don’t even count towards the completionist cape
the pride holiday is only as forced as the christmas, thanksgiving, halloween, easter, etc. holidays, which is not at all
also the people who say they play runescape to get away from real life drama and also browse the OSRS sub are total hypocrites, because drama is 99% of the subs content


and just the fact that basic lgbt recognition isnt even drama at all and these guys are just tits


I might play runescape after voting for a bit, would be interesting to give that account some new, life it hasn’t done a lot in years!


I look down on anyone over the age of 11 who plays that game.

It’s not as bad as Club Penguin but come the fuck on.

Also the Runescape chat censors “gay” so I’m wondering how the homos feel about that.


because its a 10 year old game and nothing is changed without a community poll, and the list of censored words is pretty low priority


>only 8k people, he says

"only 60% against"
with only like 12% in favor lmao.

I don’t give two fucks about Runescape, I’ve never played it, but you have to be a fucking retard to think this is “just another holiday” like Christmas or Halloween. Gay pride events have an explicitly political purpose according to anyone I’ve ever heard argue their existence as valid as opposed to white pride events. Either both are “just a holiday haha why are you so mad?”, or they both are very political.

Tbh the entire situation, particularly the interactions of this mod and the users, reminds me a lot of certain mod-user interactions on YD.


Nonsense- It’s just that everybody knows if you want a decent party get gay people to organise it, cus it’ll be amazing :stuck_out_tongue: Since when were heterosexual white men good at organising parties?! and I don’t mean a beer down the pub… If the alcohol isn’t at least 10% and a bright colour its simply not worth it :joy:



the strawpoll was found and subsequently brigaded by /pol/
the only polls that have any impact and meaning are the in-game polls, which actually determine future patches and game changes


source for in-game poll results?


Last night it was at 8k, I’m subbed to r/2007scape and used to regularly play.

Either side will claim “don’t care” as their own, but it makes much more sense that people who don’t care aren’t complaining.

Holidays aren’t the only events in runescape and I’m pretty sure non-holiday events were polled globally in the game and approved by the players (polls need 75% to pass).

There have been carnival events, donation events, gaming events about IRL gaming events, etc.



Pointless virtue signaling.


Neither side needs to claim “don’t care”- they literally don’t care- but when you have a clear majority of people who disagree and a tiny minority who actually agree, that says a lot about the community opinion. They’re pissing off a clear majority to please a tiny minority.

None of those sound clearly political like a gay pride event.


would be a fair point if Jagex was entirely composed of straight people, but it isn’t[quote=“Ricky, post:18, topic:111911”]
They’re pissing off a clear majority to please a tiny minority.

hardly, a majority don’t care, and the minority they’re catering to is at the least themselves, because its their game, as with all single-day events

it should be noted this is event is the smallest ever, the entirety of the event taking up 7 in game tiles, which is less than the space taken up by 7 individual players
not once in or out of the game has this been stated to be about gay pride, and while the lgbt ties are obvious, anyone throwing a serious fit over this event, especially those saying it’s too ‘political’ for runescape, is being a total hypocrite, because the event is literally just finding 7 colors to make a rainbow scarf (there are several rainbow-colored items in game already, and this essentially just completes the set), and making a big stink over it is causing more ruckus than it ever will