Runescape hosts LGBT pride event, players go absolutely apeshit


its not really virtue signalling if the one taking action is actually part of that group?
i didnt think it had to be explained


That does not make a difference.


actually i would say it makes a pretty fucking big difference
theres a distinction between ‘look at me, i am so selfless, speaking for those with no voice’ and actually having a stake in what you are expressing
i would imagine it’s not a difficult one to discern


We get it



I thought you were supposed to be the genius and I the dummy…


it applies to many groups

people who vape
people who smoke weed
white apologists


what applies to many groups?


the thread


How was that a valid response to me saying what you said was idiotic (inferring Muslims were a race)?

Besides, I’m not a racist any more. lol. My final conclusion was that I didn’t know if the race thing is real or not. There’s apparently strong evidence from both sides, according to you.


But in the end what they are doing is itself still the same and just as pointless.


jesus fucking christ

the thread was about people who feel the need to post edgy things for no real reason. racism was just the focus.

My response to you saying:

Was me telling you that you’re being a little shit. Like, we get it, you don’t like muslims. You don’t have to express your islamophobia in threads where it isn’t relevant.


don’t like muslims
is muslim

also you accused me of racism. Muslims are not a race.

  1. learn how to fucking green text
    \ >
  2. I :clap: wasn’t :clap: calling :clap: you :clap: racist :clap: you :clap: twit

Read my above post holy hell:


Oh. nvm.

It just seemed like, by linking a thread that said ‘we get it, you’re racist’ as a reply to me saying something about Muslims, you meant I was being ‘racist against Muslims’ - something many Left-wingers believe is possible. I thought you were one of those idiots. Sorry. You’re just another kind of idiot.


@Chrome @Gall_Ghaedheil can you two take your issues with each other to your own topic, maybe invite martina but I don’t need a topic on the merits of gay pride on runescape to be bogged down by the same argument that has been on at least 3 other topics? How you linked gay pride/runescape to the other issue I have no idea.

Also surely gay pride on runescape is fine, if you like it join in, if you don’t carry on fishing/cooking or whatever else runescape offers?


Pointless to you, but it’s their game, their cause, and certainly not pointless to them, otherwise they wouldn’t have done it.

The event is literally there are 7 colored tiles in the world (they’ve stated you won’t find unless you’re specifically looking for them) that you can pick up and then make into a rainbow scarf at a fountain in a town that will produce a client-side rainbow from the fountain.
This item can be traded like all others, so you don’t even need to participate to get it.
It also doesn’t impact the ‘completionist cape’, which is an item you get for completing the games major content, which doesn’t include any non-seasonal holidays.
So yeah, the people making a fuss about it are defeating their own argument.


I have a mate who works at Jagex who is quite passionate about LGBT rights (he’s my friend that’s kinda a requirement)

Considering the age demographic of players is it possible that coders feel a responsibility to educate younger people on these topics and try and spread tolerance? In that case the poll would make them more likely to do it as they clearly need more tolerance?


Whether something is virtue signaling is based on what it is they are doing, not who is doing it. Putting a rainbow fountain in a game is virtue signalling, regardless of whether the people who put it there are themselves LGBT. Doing something that would actually help gay people is not virtue signalling, regardless of whether they are LGBT.

Do you understand yet?

Not if people are against it simply on the grounds of it being unnecessarily political.


Ok um LGBT Rights are not political they are rights? That’s like saying that Human Rights are political. If they are against it because they think it’s political it needs to be there to educate them on that as well.

Gay people exist, it’s not a choice (otherwise why be straight?) And advertising LGBT rights, through pride, is not political. Or at least it isn’t where I live or where my Jagex coder friend lives.


Considering you’ve provided absolutely nothing to back up your point, no.