Runescape hosts LGBT pride event, players go absolutely apeshit


Then the game has been virtue signaling since 2006 when they released the stronghold of security


I feel really lost…

Why don’t you just not go?

Like… Why the fuck do you care?


>raising awareness and showing support
>not helpful


You can claim they are human rights but that does not change the fact that they are politically divisive.

I did, you just ignored it so you can make a useless non argument that serves not purpose other than to antagonize.

But that is not really a political issue like LGBT rights are. And I would not really consider it virtual signalling anyway, at least not in the same way the LGBT event is.

Can you actually demonstrate how helpful this has been?


They aren’t? Politically divisive implies that there is at least a significant minority of people who don’t 100% approve of LGBT rights. Jagex coders may, and my friend does, live in areas where that is not the case? I cannot think of a single party in or near power in western Europe that is not complete pro LGBT rights? Please don’t try and impose your countries politics on people and companies that have left them behind.

LGBT rights simply aren’t an issue for most of us, we have won that battle it’s gone. Jagex is simply trying to educate it’s players and bring them into 2017 as well.


Stronghold of Security- fight leveled monsters for rainbow socks
This event- find colored squares for a rainbow stole that completes the rainbow set

Same man


For starters, the event hasn’t even happened yet, and the worst of the OSRS player base have already outed themselves and gotten banned, so its already doing good.


I am not saying they are not, I am saying that claiming they are is itself does not make them non political.

Yes, there is. And I would guess that world wide they might actually not be a minority.

Do you even know my country and its politics? Or mine for that matter?

Unless you are unlucky enough to be LGBT and live in a country where it is punishable with death.[quote=“josho, post:45, topic:111911”]
Jagex is simply trying to educate it’s players and bring them into 2017 as well.
I hate when people say stuff like this. The current year is irrelevant.

How do you know that is about LGBT pride in the same way as the event is?

Do you seriously think it is a good thing that people are being banned because of their political opinions? Do you have any idea how awful and bigoted that is?


by worst of the player base i literally mean people who use this time of high emotions to be racist, bigoted jerk-offs
i know you would like to believe im just talking about people who don’t want the event but even the devs themselves encouraged people to protest if they really want, just to keep it clean


Not in all areas, and probably not in the areas that Jagex coders live.[quote=“Cameron, post:48, topic:111911”]
Do you even know my country and its politics? Or mine for that matter?
Nope nor do i particularly care as they aren’t relevant. I know my countries politics and LGBT rights don’t feature.[quote=“Cameron, post:48, topic:111911”]
Unless you are unlucky enough to be LGBT and live in a country where it is punishable with death.
Which I’m not, nor are most Jagex coders or runescape players so not really relevant?

Ok if you wanna get the scarf get it, if you don’t don’t. Who cares? But don’t try and stop others enjoying their lives when it doesn’t effect you? I realise you personally probably don’t care and this isn’t aimed necessarily at you but at the 12k who want to diminish others enjoyment without improving their own. Seriously why would anyone want to stop someone else from being happy? Homophobia luckily is rather uncommon in my country, or at least area. I genuinely do not understand it at all and why anyone would share that sentiment?


They aren’t banned for their political opinions they’re banned for spamming slurs and dressing as hitler.


Do you know for sure that they are only banning the people say really racist/homophobic? Because I have heard otherwise.

Then why did you bring it up?

So it is just pointless virtue signalling that does nothing to help people who are in actual danger because of being LGBT.

I am not.

Do you realize that Jagex are doing the same bloody thing to people who do not support LGBT rights and those who do not want such political statements in the game by adding this? Or do you only give a shit about the feelings of the people on your side?


Jagex have always proven trustworthy.

People that claim they were banned for nothing are always revealed as liars. Happens on the subreddit all the time.

So yes, we’re sure that they are only banning people that are spamming slurs. Still doesn’t matter, you’re changing the topic.


Ok fine, hit me. Can you please explain to me why having an optional gay friendly event makes that game less fun if you opt not to do it?


How would you feel if it was an optional anti LGBT event?


@Cameron what do you think virtue signalling means?


When someone does something that has no real effect or a very minor one just so they can show others that they are virtuous.


So you’re saying that they’re having an event to support lgbt people, which according to the thread are employed at Jagex, is just to show virtue and not to… support their lgbt players and staff?


Wow, it’s an LGBT pride event suck it up. It doesn’t even add to the general gameplay…


They are signalling their virtue by telling everyone how they support them.

Just saying “We support you!” itself does not really do anything.