Runescape hosts LGBT pride event, players go absolutely apeshit


That’s not the results of the polling, not that it was scientific.
Not sure what comment in bold even means.

I have no idea what this means, I don’t play Runescape. A gay pride event is about gay pride, and it was literally stated as being a pride event by the mod in question.


It’s the smallest event in the game ever and it takes less time than half the tutorial


seems like they knew full well that it would probably piss off a lot of people then, and did it anyway.


Or they just wanted to finish the rainbow set and tack on pride to it

What you’re saying makes no sense from someone who’s played RS since elementary school


they could have finished it without tacking pride onto it with less effort.


Saying “yeah this is for gay pride” literally takes no effort and as far as I know gay pride isn’t even mentioned in-game


It’s a conscious action with predictable backlash that any decent community manager should have foreseen.


>Decent community manager

There’s so much I could tell you…

Jagex doesn’t have a good community manager and I guess I can leave it at that


well this was my entire point- this is shitty community management.


i mean


If your goal is political activism and not community management, yes.


how dare a company do something that isn’t solely motivated by profit


making your community happy and not agitating them with a political agenda isn’t inherently profit-motivated.


and the pride event isn’t inherently politically motivated, if it is at all



its because the Jagex team has several lgbt employees and it’s not unrealistic to think they made the event for themselves more than anyone
do you get pissed off when authors writes something personal to them in their books, or a director in their film?



i would agree with you if the event in game had anything to do with sexuality
now read this part very slowly so you might understand even if you’ve never played a fucking game in your life
but it’s literally a day where 7 tiles (the smallest area-unit in the game) in the overworld have a colored stripe on them (which they’ve stated you almost certainly won’t find if you aren’t actively looking for them), and when you collect all 7, you can make a scarf at a fountain in one of the towns, which produces a small rainbow from the fountain client side (no one else sees it)
this event, like all others, has no impact on the rest of the game, any completion rewards, or any achievements
if you want the scarf but don’t want to do the event, you can buy it from a player who did
even the tweet announcement only said ‘pride’, nothing about lgbt
if this is political activism, then every other personal tribute put in every media ever is dumbed down to the same term
and thats retarded


gay pride is about sexuality

You have to be culturally illiterate or a moron not to understand what #Pride2017 + rainbows stands for.

  1. Personal attributes don’t show up in the middle of a paragraph in your book, they are deliberately separated from the content.
  2. Not every personal attribute has political content
  3. The “personal attribute” theory is something you made up as one possible motivation


first off

Pride is about bringing communities together and celebrating love and understanding: sentiment that’s close to RuneScape’s heart. There’s no political statement here. Our only aim is to acknowledge and honour an event that promotes empathy, acceptance and love.[quote=“Ricky, post:79, topic:111911”]
gay pride is about sexuality

my point being not once in game does it ever talk about sexuality
not once does it remove you from the game’s universe to lecture you
here’s the event in it’s entirety
literally you talk to a leprechaun who laments he’s lost his rainbow, and only after talking to him do the tiles appear
notice how pretty much every screenshot is devoid of players, thats how minor and out of the way the event is

ill assume for a moment you don’t understand how video games as a media differ from others
in games, 90% of content is utterly optional, you don’t have to do shit you don’t care about
you can’t skip over a few chapters in a book because you don’t like them
so in books, where a tribute would be placed before or after the actual content, in a game, it’s just placed out of the way as an optional event or quest
world of warcraft is an excellent example, it has a quest that is dedicated to a developer or passed away from cancer, another about the separation of two (same sex) lovers, an in-game grave of the unknown soldier tribute, a character dedicated to an animal activist that was murdered, and another that is a tribute to a guy who met his husband in game before passing away of an asthma attack, and an entire server that has officially been recognized as the ‘lgbt’ server, jokingly nicknamed “Pridemoore”, play on it’s actual name, Proudmoore. the guy i talked about just before this was from this server, shockingly
not one of these things are shoved in your face, none of them are mandatory to complete, just like the runescape pride event, they’re personal tributes done by the developers that players have no obligation to acknowledge, honor, or participate in
but i suppose i can’t except you to understand