Runescape hosts LGBT pride event, players go absolutely apeshit


>dev with history of being a shithead
>take them at their word because one time they owned up to something they had no way of getting out of


Well that’s where you’re wrong, kiddo.

Modmatk has been wrong many times.



was actually just trying to make a meme bc I really dont like the guy


except the pride event statement was from the team as a whole
runescape has had a lot of fuck-ups historically because it’s a 16 year old game, and the team has time and time again admitted to their mistakes when they make them, going so far as to roll back a game to how it was in 2007
they could have easily weaseled out of countless controversies and they didn’t, why would they now, when the backlash isn’t even from a majority of the active playerbase?
it sounds like your projecting what you would do


according to what metric?

lmfao this is the saddest argument yet


You’re free to look at any OSRS community and see there isn’t even a murmur about the event now.
The members-only realms didn’t have the ‘riots’ that free-to-play servers did, and the event itself was incredibly tame.
The ‘backlash’ was the reactionary portion of the playerbase that will attack any change made to the game and /pol/ and /r/the_donald type bandwagoners.


why would anyone be talking about it still?
it’s been over 48 hours and it’s just an old ass MMO game.


people play the game like a second job and treat it like any change they don’t agree with is a personal insult
people were acting like it was the end of the world before the event
actual controversies will most certainly hang around long after the fact, like streamer favoritism


well obviously it wasn’t

that affects actual gameplay


keen observation, its almost like it wasn’t the radical political statement chuds were pretending it would be

for 1% of players who are streamers or got banned as a result, whereas the event affects game play for 100%


I never claimed it was lol

lol to quote you:

it’s like 1% people getting murdered (banned) versus everyone suffering a little bit of smog


it affects everyone in that it’s literally an update the the game that everyone has even if they don’t like it
whether it bothers people or not relied on them actively seeking it out- now that the event is over, you literally just buy the rainbow scarf from a vendor
meanwhile, if you don’t like streamer favoritism, you could just play on a server without any major streamers
im just saying you’re acting like the pride event has nothing in-game

good im glad you agree it wasnt political


that’s like saying you can deport yourself if you don’t like it here


you do understand that something can both be political and not be radical or preachy, right?


no, it isnt.
you literally just log into a different server, you have the same character and everything
people do this just to get better resource spawns or avoid pkers
comparing a process which takes 3 key presses and 3 seconds of waiting to log in with deportation out of a country is fucking stupid

and you that something only contextually associated with a quasi-political movement isn’t poltical?


“wow you didn’t know the intricacies of an ancient MMO game for your metaphor haha you’re so stupid” -t. genius

fine, then it’s like saying that the fact the police are shooting people in certain neighborhoods isn’t a problem and to just go to a different neighborhood.


this is still a fucking massive overstatement
it’s more like changing the radio station or tv channel

This event is open to both members and non-members alike, as a chance to celebrate the inclusivity and respect of the Old School RuneScape community in Pride Month 2017.

take notice how it doesn’t say 'in celebration of/in honor of/etc. pride month 2017’
its literally an event with its on message, especially when you read the in-game quest associated dialogue

i’d also really like to hear your argument about how lgbt pride events are political
i really don’t care for them but that seems to be what you’re basing your entire accusations on, even if falsely attributed


sure if you want to nitpick over the difference between switching a TV channel versus walking a few blocks


>literally pressing a button without having to leave your laz-e boy
>vs packing up your shit and moving to a new neighborhood because of deadly violence
i dunno thats a pretty big fucking difference

i’ve established that the latter is indeed more likely whether you want to acknowledge it or not


“I don’t understand what a metaphor is”

lmao no, you haven’t empirically established that, you’ve just laid out the scenario you believe in.