Runescape hosts LGBT pride event, players go absolutely apeshit


>Why won’t you accept that I’m equating a minor inconvenience to a literal lifechanging decision?
your metaphor sucks, and while its hardly your fault for not knowing the ins and outs of a 16 year old browser based online game, you can’t insist your shitty metaphor is in any way accurate

and you’ve done the exact same with a strawman instead of historical evidence


from within the context of an MMO translated into a real-life framework it’s a fine metaphor for the phenomena you described. Barely anything that happens within an MMO is particularly life-changing.

But no, if you want to be an autist about it then it’s neither literally police violence nor smog.

How have you at all shown using historical evidence that Pride2017 with rainbows isn’t about gay pride?
You’ve just substituted decades of historical and cultural context for the word of Runescape mods.


no, it isn’t
comparing 24 hour bans to murder is probably the worst translation since the Duck Dynasty Bible

good to see you can’t admit any fault without also hurling some personal insults

this would matter if it was a specifically gay pride event, which time and time again they’ve said it isn’t
i can get not taking the word of a dev you’ve never heard of before, but having shown how they’ve admitted to their mistakes and amended them for over 15 years, your statements are utterly baseless and lie exclusively on how you feel rather than evidence
its a fucking waste of time trying to convince you of anything because you just retort ‘wahh you’re choking on their dicks for believing them even though they have a clean track record of owning up to their mistakes!!’ because you utterly refuse to consider anything that doesn’t agree with your line of thinking and says you’re wrong


Facebook Just added a pride reaction. We gonna kick off about that as well or we gonna let people who like it use it and those who don’t can ignore it? Or does this count as Facebook being political, or maybe is it just that most computer programmers, like most educated people pro LGBTQI rights?