Running Linux and Windows on same PC

As of latem I’ve been wanting to try another OS. I’ve been looking at Linux, and I was wondering if you can run both Linux and Windows on the same PC? If you can is it easy?

yeah you can, you just need to a)two hard drives in your computer or b) lots of memory, and you would split your hard drive 50/50 or 60/40 for the program…had both running at once on my system but didnt understand linux enough o keep it!

you can run both on one hard drive if you partition it. I don’t reccomend it through.

yea, if you partition it you have to reformat and lose all of your data. A second hard drive is easier and with the prices for HD’s these days its better just to go ahead and use 2 seperate.

Hey well after seeing what you guys said and what I’ve read about it, yeah…fuck that not doing it.

Nice one man lol.

I honestly don’t know much about Linux, but I do know it’s not favored and it is kinda the odd man out. I guess that’s why he looks so… odd?

linux is an open source operating system. It is used a lot to host servers and high powered applications. Not to mention you can get most versions for free.