Save Surge


These people are going to the point of making 2 movies to get Surge back. Its an old AWESOME soda. Anyone remember it? they even have a website- Save Surge
The Petition- Petition[/url] The Movie- [url=]Movie


Is that a southern soda? I’ve never heard of it.


What kind of drink is that? :dunno


wasn’t it just like mountain dew . i think that’s why it was a flop. :dunno


Re: RE: Save Surge

we had it in MA and it was prety good, better then mountain dew


Well, I like me some Big Red Soda!


Re: RE: Save Surge

That shits good… I haven’t seen it in fo evah though!


I just bought some at Wally World the other day. I stick one in the freezer and let it get slushy!


Fav-Surge, Faygo, Vault- New MD drink