Saw 3 In production


The domain has been purchased by LGF(Lions Gate Films). Saw 3 is in production. I cannot wait. It hits theaters some time in 2007-

Not the official poster, but that’s my tagline- "Game Over’ :cool

Go here to see any info on it. If you need to login, use my old name:
Username- Jigsaw_John
Password- 81195547



I saw Saw 2 the other night. Great movie. Can’t wait to see the 3rd. :smiley:


haven’t seen either of the first ones…


I’m getting Saw 2 tonight :rock


i wanted to rent the first one long before i heard about the second, but my gf wouldn’t let me. Looks like i’m going to have to get on that and download them or something


I’ve seen Saw 1 and it rocked! :rock AWESOME movie.
I havent seen Saw 2 yet.


[size=6]MOVIE SPOILER[/size]

SAW 2 Movie Spoiler
I was gonna post the whole spoiler, but I didn’t want anyone to see it and get the movie ruined, so if you can’t watch SAW 2(Girlfriend, mom, etc.), then read the whole movie here. Here’s the spoiler for the first SAW. There are pictures in the spoiler, to help with the atmosphere.
SAW Movie Spoiler
That SAW spoiler is for you OUZBnd lol!