Have you ever been scammed?

Either on the internet or door to door?

What was the scam? You don’t have to tell us all the details, it may be embarassing. Did you lose much money over it?

Once I have all the yes’es this guy from Nigeria is going to give me 10 sheckles for your email addresses.


im always aware of things, not a naive person at all

I gave a guy a penny for his thoughts. Wish I had that penny back.

I had a guy show up at my office selling a load of steaks. The price was good but the steaks were not very good.

I get a lot of nigerian next-of-kin emails abt transferring millions to my account and also emails almost every week that i striked the australian lottery when I did not buy any tickets.

Sports cards got scammed from me way back in the day. Ended up being a 13 year old kid which i dint know at the time. i threatened him numerous times. there was like 5,000.00 worth of sportcards so i went to the court and sued for 5,000.00 and court cost. and i had a list of every single card in my collection and proof he got the cards and proof he said he will send me what we were trading.

My 1st cousin once removed husband is a FBI agent so he gave me tips and said i need to scare him. well since he was 13 his parents would have to be responsible. His mom contacted me and said she had no idea what was going on but she made sure i got those cards back and promised she would whoop his ass into next week. :24:

i lost my love for that hobby after that

heres one i dont even understand

i put an ad up for a roommate on craigslist, and i got about 40 or 50 emails that same day…i read almost all of them to see if any were legit and none was…literally every single one was female, moving to my city from out of the country for either college or some kind of childrens development showcase they were gonna be part of or somethin…they all came from people who spoke poor english, used the exact same phrases…it was so obvious they all came from scammers…and they all wanted to pay me with a money order or somethin

i also tried to sell my xbox360 on craigslist, got a message from a guy who said he lives in kansas but wants me to ship it to his friend in nigeria…i said give me $1200 for it and ill do it (i was bullshittin) and he said ok…i thought that was funny…somebody payin $1200 for a xbox 360 plus atleast $100 to send it to nigeria lol

about 20 years ago I decided to go see a concert. Don’t recall who it was. It was at a local place who got the occasional name acts. This act there were two shows. I drove over and parked and smoked a joint and went up by the entrance to see if anybody had tickets for the 2nd show as the first one was over. Sure enough a guy sold me a ticket for probably about $20 bucks. I went to go in and got this weird look from the usher. Yup my stoned ass was sold a ticket to the first show:24:

I live in NYC, scams are a way of life. The first few years I was here I got taken for some money a few times. Now I am smart enough to ignore the scammers.

LMAO nigerian scammers usually operate from internet cafes

nope and nope

Never been scammed…

I also get lots of silly ass emails about winning the lottery in some foreign country.


Simple, yet effective. :smiley: