Scott Alexander's Rebuttal to Sexism Theory of Occupational Gender Difference


Fluid ounces don’t apply to solids. That was my point…


The success of anti-bullying campaigns came before the spread of the smartphone. This decline started in 2005. Also, I don’t see how that’s even relevant. You have a very warped view of school if you think kids just readily take their phones out whenever someone is being picked on, that certainly wasn’t the case at my school. The only things that end up on social media are fights.

That wasn’t the point. Your claim reeks of stereotypical conservative rhetoric. [quote=“Ricky, post:60, topic:112563”]
Any survey of white men-the people generally targeted by SJWs- will show higher support for Trump than almost any other demographic.
Do you have any evidence that white men haven’t always been a conservative demographic?

Saying “I don’t like SJWs” doesn’t make someone any more right-wing necessarily. I doubt he suddenly decided that he didn’t agree with x policy just because he got targeted for doing x thing.


I was wrong in my calculations should be
1 dry oz=.9857 fluid oz.
So 16 x .9857= 15.7712 fl oz
So 15.7712 x 4.5= 70.97
So the brick is about 70.97 fluid ounces.


Solids are not measured in fluid ounces, once again


You are right. The mass of the brick is 72 oz but the volume is 70.97 fluid ounces.
So you can technically measure a brick in fluid ounces just not its mass.
Can’t believe we are having this discussion. :joy:


Flip-phones had cameras in them year before the iPhone. Recording devices make bringing evidence for bullying actually viable, whereas before it was entirely witness based. Just because someone is posting evidence of themselves being bullied on social media doesn’t mean they can’t show their parents, teachers, etc.

lmao it’s stereotypical conservative rhetoric because it’s true.
Your claim reeks of stereotypical left-wing denial.

Naturally they’ve always been more conservative than most other groups, however within the past decade they’ve reversed the trend in most respects with regards to becoming less conservative over time.

lol I’m pretty sure that disagreeing with SJWs does put you to the right of SJWs, with the exception of some Marxist/socialist lines of thought.


Teenage boys are arseholes and insult everyone online that they do not know and like. They will use gendered insults towards women because they are more effective.


Solids are not measured in fluid ounces


But because a fluid ounce is a measurement of volume and bricks have volume you can measure a brick in fluid ounces.


Volume of a fluid


Particulate solids can be.


But it still represents a set value of volume that you are able to apply to solids.


Seriously, why are you arguing about whether solids can be measured in fl. oz’s?

Who cares?


I have no idea.


is a Christian
rejects abstract concept


A solid brick is not a particulate


Christianity is a religion and religion is to contribute all laws in nature to a higher power. My evidence for why Christianity is my religion is the Bible.
The patriarchy is not a religion.


If thats true it has happened very, very recently and has been the result of third wave feminism. I think you are being naive though, boys and girls are absolutely raised very differently and face massively different social expectations and pressures. This is what feminism aims to remove, to ensure we don’t treat women with values and expectations that were born in an outdated patriarchal society.