Scratch off history


I bought two 2 dollar tickets.

ticket 1 - nothing.
ticket 2 - won 4 dollars

I’ve broken even trading in my $4 winner getting two more.

ticket 3 - nothing.
ticket 4 - won 2 dollars

I’m down two dollars so I trade in my $2 winner getting another 2 dollar ticket.

ticket 5 - I win 20 bucks, hitting both of my “lucky numbers”. lol

I made 18 bucks thus far. :smiley:

The most i’ve ever won before was 10 bucks after spending 4.


nice. makin money is ALWAYS good. no matter how you do it


give me some money


haha 18 bucks isn’t a lot to send, but it’s a lot for me.


i put 15 on 3 5 dollar instant carolina 5s, and won 35 bux

pocketed 20, and put the rest toward 3 more

won 10 of the three, got two more

then didnt get no more money…

but i got 20 for 15… :dunno so, i guess i did good…


i spent $1 and won $17 on a scratch ticket on the first try. hell im happy if i break even…


The biggest win I ever had was 93 bux from ten 1 dollar quick picks. The way I jumped for joy and smiled real big, you’d of thought I hit the jack pot. :lol


the most I ever hit for was $100 but the moment passed quick when dad told me to give back his ticket


Re: RE: Scratch off history.

:rofl :rofl


lol… all I have ever won is a free ticket, so I stopped playing, :slight_smile:


I won playing Power Ball in Indiana I still have the check a whole three bucks :smiley: