Secret to wedded bliss


Secret to wedded bliss — saying sorry
British couple holds record for longest marriage at 80 years

LONDON - A British couple – the record holders for the world’s longest marriage — said on Tuesday their success was down to a glass of whisky, a glass of sherry and the word “sorry.”

I think this applies to more than just marriages. But to quote my old friend Dr.Phil…“Would you rather be right, or would you rather be married?”


lol. Joe doesnt know what sorry means lol.

nah, he does. Actually when we get into a fight, we fight for a day, then he comes and tells me sorry for being an ass. :slight_smile:


I can’t say Chris NEVER says sorry….but its much more likely to hear it coming from me. I do agree with their statement…I just think that in most instances it’s the woman saying sorry…even if she’s not necessarily the one wrong. Now once I say sorry then he will come around…but man is he stubborn. He never wants to say it first. I’ll say sorry for bringing up his wrong-doing in a wrong manner. Then he’ll come around.

Sometimes I try to get stubborn and swear I’m not giving in….but we continue to fight until I give in and be the instigator of the making up. Which when we fight I like to scream and yell…get it out…then be done with it. He likes the silent treatment…which makes me even crazier!!!

He’s mean I tell ya!!


Man, my husband likes to give the silent treatment too. I try to tell him, “How are we gonna fix this problem if we dont talk about it?” He still wont talk to me. Drives me absoutely insane!


sounds like a woman thread to me


The man has to say sorry if he wants tuh pie :hump


Yeah, he can only hold a grudge against me for so long, and then hes all like nothing ever happened. Only because he has NEEDS!


Needs :humpnana :woohoo :rofl


I’m sorry now give it up woman :hump