Selective hearing..(or "bloody men")


ALL WEEK I have been telling hubby that I was going out after work last night, because a girl was leaving.

Even when he rang yesterday morning I mentioned it when I asked him what he wanted me to get out for him for dinner because I WASNT GOING TO BE HERE, I WAS GOING OUT FOR TEA.

So, fast forward to 11.00 p.m when I walk in the door to be met with:mad “where have you been”


Not a worried “OMG I was so worried about you”; the evil eyed “where the fuck have you been” stare is what I got

THEN…he insisted I hadn’t told him, until I reminded him about the dinner conversation earlier that morning…

His face was priceless…then he had to do the old “crawl” job

Anyway…thats my rant…I told him when he asked what time I start today that I would write it down on the back of his hand for him. (that didnt go down well)


men…they only hear what they want to


You’re lucky he didn’t come looking for you… Better yet… you’re lucky he didn’t call the police to report you missing.



[quote=“fuzzwifers, post: 1098606”]men…they only hear what they want to[/quote]Im sorry did you say something?:smiley:


I’m betting he’s left messages on the work phone (which we closed off early so we could go out to dinner)

I dont have a mobile either,so thats out.

I just love how it was MY fault he forgot:mad


i hear and remember stuff that my wife says that she forgot she said


Can’t live with them, can’t kill them. :smiley:


[quote=“NuckingFuts, post: 1098608”]Im sorry did you say something?:D[/quote] That would get you a slap to the head if nothing else would!

So fucking true.!


what did you say? :24:


You looking for a swat on the head too…?


I’m guilty of forgetting shit


HAHA silly men!


He’s still in"crawl" mode:24:

He just got back from grocery shopping for me, and now he’s making brunch:thumbup


[quote=“cam elle toe, post: 1098617”]He’s still in"crawl" mode:24:

He just got back from grocery shopping for me, and now he’s making brunch:thumbup[/quote]

Oh nice!




How long should I milk it for ya reckon?:smiley:


Until all the house work is done… and … rep comment coming…


haha as long as you can :smiley:


Sounds like a plan, or at least for another hour and a half till I have to go to work:D


Oooh yeah Jas…I’m owed a couple of them:thumbup

wanders off singing “Tonights the night”