Self - Realization?

Friends do you really think Self-Realization is necessary for us ??? How many of you agree and what are your views behind it ??? How many of you do not agree and what are those views for the same ???

Plzzz come forward and explain the same … hope to get some good feedback …



(Note :- Also you have to explain wat SELF-REALIZATION is and then your view and points )

May be I’m a bit thick but I don’t really understand what Self-Realization is!:confused:

maybe im an idiot, but why do we have to answer your questions?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Unless you mean when it’s that year in your teenage years when you finally start to realize and recall what’s going on around you in a more mature, grown up way?

That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo not gonna happen to me.

Hell, I’ll answer.

**(Seems some of you guys come to a thread that asks a question and you get all whacked out and discombobulated!:tongue: :smiley: )

Actually, self-realization pisses me off because I am so much in tune with it. I know what I need to do to better myself, but I choose to be more laid back and hope what I want falls in my lap.

Since I don’t drink or take any drugs…(hey, stop laughing and throwing things at me!!!), I have a clear and open mind. Sometimes I wish I could not be so in touch with reality; at least then I’d have an excuse!!

Self realization is an absolutley necessary time in a persons life. The less “self realization” the less growth mentally. Learning about yourself is the only real tangeble thing that one can look foreward to as they get older. Self realization not only makes every experience better but it makes the intangebles like…sight, feel and the feeling that you feel when you see an old friend after 20 years better. As you get older the only thing that gets better is your self realization…which makes everything else better in return…self realization is a must!

self-realisation/ self-actualisation: having a clear understanding of how you think, what you need, what you want, and what you’re going to try to accomplish in your lifetime are all things that come to mind when these terms are thrown around. You know, having a sense of direction in your life.

Sure you could live and die with out being self-actualised. It isn’t necessary for your existence, it isn’t necessary for society, and I don’t believe it’s necessary for the environment; it just seems more efficient. Wouldn’t we be better if we had more people who are more self-realised?

Google it, ponder it, ask your mother; just post.

well i don’t know the answer for me…but sam…

start answering your own questions too!!!

thank you.

[quote=“GuesSAngel, post: 241006”]well i don’t know the answer for me…but sam…

start answering your own questions too!!!

thank you.[/quote]

He does these days, this was a dug up thread from October.:slight_smile:

hahaha i should have looked at the dates…opps!! damn old threads.

Hey I dont whether this was a repost … anyways the question was meant for those who really know wat self-realization is … its gone over and above from your head … never mind you will learn some day :slight_smile: