Selling internet hosting


In case anybody needs hosting, Im a seller of space. I can set you up on dual 2.4G processors, 1G DDR266, Redhat Linux Enterprise 3.0 OS, cPanel 9.9.9-R70, 99.9% uptime, more pre-installed scripts and site building tools than you can shake a stick at.

Whether you want to just host a web page without worrying about ads and slow performance, sell stuff online, have an FTP for your video’s or pictures, whatever. No contracts, setup fees or anything. I’ll sell as low as a few bucks a month if you just want something small.

I’m negotiable and can set you up on any custom plan and pricing you want. I own the space and can sell how I choose, or not sell at all it doesn’t matter to me. You’ll have full control over everything, I’ll even assist with helping you setting your site up.

If your interested let me know.


Your selling the internet :o


does that include video hosting and stuff? how do you host a video anyways? :dunno


I may have taken you up on that offer, except for yesterday i found out i have 500mb webhosting through the university for free :banana


Re: RE: Selling internet hosting

Yes, you can host video’s - I can set it up for you where all you have to do is drag your video’s from your computer to your ftp folder and copy and paste the link for people to use for download. If you want your own site name and cpanel you’ll have to register a domain name as well… costs about $8 for that.


Re: RE: Selling internet hosting

What is this?



… maybe…




Re: RE: Selling internet hosting

What is this?[/quote]

your own site name… like
cpanel = control panel = tools to help work on your site


i dont want my own site


so uh… how much does this cost a month then?


depends on what you want. An example:

500mb space w/ 5gig bandwidth $5 a month.
1gig space w/ 10gig bandwidth $6 a month
5 gig space w/ 50 gig bandwidth $9 a month
UNLIMITED space, UNLIMITED bandwidth (no large video files) $18 a month

I’ll make custom packages as well. Discounts if you pay for 3/6/12 months at a time.


are you using this as a tax write-off :rofl Good idea tho, now you can go buy a lawnmower and use it as a business expense :banana


i may also need space soon - may take you up


are like on a reseller program or something? cuz those are some purty good rates…purty good rates…


yes, I’m a reseller. I own alot more space and bandwidth than I could ever use, so if anyone wants a piece its available. I’m not out to make money, $5 here and there won’t get anyone very far - just if anyone wants hosting let me know.


How the heck did you start doing this?


now if i want to have a host of my family and friends pictures. can i have it where random people can NOT look at it. just me and my family and friends to put in photos and home small movies. i dont want anybody but my family seeing the pictures and movies unless i put a link into a forum or something else to see them. is this possible. if it is i am interested.


well if you want to be able to provide a link to the pictures, etc then you’d have to have the site publicly viewable, you could use meta tags in your html though to keep it from being spidered by search engines and showing up on google etc. that way the only people that would look at your site would be people whome you’ve given the link to. You could certainly have a password protected directory as well.