Senate 243543.0


give us now


Will create 4 lykes


gay af



wil senate hehe


If you do some research to find how many users would be interested, who would run it, the themes and framework of a new Senate, then I’ll look into it.

If the community want it, it’ll be considered.


Inb4 @Champion founds a Nazi Party.


If this Senate is secured please


Lez do it mate. I’ll be young and attractive and not fat/drug-addicted Göring and you can be Röhm.


Please god no…


The Workers’ Party


“Social-Nationalist People’s Party”


Social Democratic Party


Sorry mate, I’m a Marinetti or a De Ambris, not a kraut.

(Culturally I’m more sympathetic to Germany than Latin nations, but fuck Nazism.)[quote=“Underscore, post:12, topic:111391, full:true”]
Social Democratic Party
How long before they protest a war because it gets in the way of their vacation?


That joke died with the dinosaurs


It’ll be nice to see the LLP make a comeback.

Like our ability to take you seriously.


You have a serious attitude problem.


@bandy you up for some hardcore environmentalism and feminism?


you betcha