Senate IC

Legislature in place (is subject to revision based on parliamentary procedure).

A space station whose location is constantly moving around the solar system to ensure a balance of power, built in the classical tradition of the old Gaian Roman architecture mixed with modern futuristic elements in order to make it accessible to those without a space suit. Inside are seats for the diverse cast of representatives from around the planet, either elected through democratic procedure, or appointed by dictators to represent their respective interests.

Senatorial Chief Secretary Claudius Lupus (@JWaller) is seated in his position at the right panel of the Senate, accompanied by the rest of the Federal Committee in charge of enforcing the law and investigating potential breaches by planetary members of the federation.

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With the characteristic feminine gracefulness of her race, Toyomaru elegantly took her place to make sure that she was the center of attention for her speech. Her dirty blonde hair practically seemed to glow in the light. “The last couple of weeks, I have received uncomfortable intel from Mercury in relation to Venus, where the president of the Hyperborean so-called Empire made this speech.” she tapped the pod in her hand which projected a holographic video in the center of the room with the speech from the Mercurian leader.

“I think we need to recognize this talk about ‘decadence’ and ‘greatness’ for what it really is - aggression against another autonomous member of the Federation. The Mercurians may like to imagine that they are Hitler remilitarizing the Rhineland or Mussolini invading Ethiopia, but unlike Herr Hitler’s adversaries, we have the historical precedent behind us to realize what happens when militarist aggression goes unchecked.” her eyes briefly glanced at the representative of the Hyperboreans and her lips revealed a sign of distaste, but for the most part she did not focus her attention on him.

“I recommend that the leader of Hyperborean Mercury immediately and unequivocably in no small terms stop the aggressive language aimed toward Venus and to remember the limitation on armed forces and military space crafts. If not, I believe it is in the power of this Senate to blockade Mercury’s trade and to potentially take hostile military action.”

(Matthias, Titan Representative)

“Before any military action is taken, could we consult both the leadership of Venus and Mercury, as you are making bold statements and suggesting bold moves without taking time to pause. The people of Mercury are patriotic, and will not take such offenses lightly, so I recommend you consider your decision before calling for radical action.”

“I have provided documented video evidence of a speech where the leader of Mercury all but says that he will pursue aggressive action toward Venus, and the Venusian government (@bandy) has made a declaration stating it’s wariness about these actions.” Toyomaru replied, turning to the representative from Venus. “Is this not correct?”

Nathan taps his microphone piece and clears his throat. He then reads from the screen of a tablet in front of him.

“Experimentation on other human beings regardless of their race or subspecies is completely prohibited. Planets caught experimenting on human beings will face a fine of between $10,000,000,000,000 - $100,000,000,000,000 based on the extent of the experimentation.”

He looks up.

“This is a quote of the newest legislation put in place by the Senate. By appearance, it completely outlaws any genetic alteration of human beings. Unless this wording is altered, it fundamentally undermines the very foundation of Europan society. It spits on our very way of life, our ancestral heritage, and labels it a war crime- the punishment for which must bankrupt us.”

Mateo shakes and his face turns red.

“Some level of backwardness and bigotry is to be expected from Earth… but this! This is too far! This is intolerable! The freedom to alter our own bodies as we please- we do not ask for this. Europans demand it. We would rather fight and perish before submitting to such a regressive and antagonistic ruling!”

Mateo violently chucks the tablet with the ruling imprinted on it’s screen at the statue-logo of the senate against which it shatters, and then slowly calms himself.

He resumes, “Europa calls upon all modified humans, and those amiable to our cause, to vote for a new resolution to alter this legislation. Europans stand by opposition to cruelty inflicted upon innocent beings, and perhaps that is what this was intended to prevent… but until it is amended to constrict it’s seemingly all-encompassing ban on human-experimentation, even voluntary, it is unjust and intolerable.”

“Europa proposes a resolution to redefine the ruling to read thusly:
“Torture of any intelligent being, including for the purposes of research, regardless of their race or subspecies, is completely prohibited. Planets caught violating this ruling will face a fine of between $10,000,000,000,000 - $100,000,000,000,000 based on the extent of the violation.””

“Thank you for your time.”

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Surrounded by his usual consortium of cronies, Councillor Alexander Vasiliev stands before the Senate. Clearing his throat and casting his gaze across to the representatives of Mars, Venus, Mercury and Earth, his voice rolls out from between his lips as softly as water against the sand.

“It appears that, yet again, those mighty worlds that proclaim the mantle of being ‘civilised’ are moving to actively undermine the foundations of a people deemed inferior to their own. One that they have never been able to stand the sight of. I, of course, am speaking of the Europans – our Jovian brothers and sisters. Though we Ganymedeans have never engaged in the process of genetic engineering, we cannot let this attack on Europa’s very being continue.”

“Ganymede votes in favour of Europa’s proposed amendment to the ruling.”

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Claus ran his fingers through his hair and gazed at Anton.

“If I may…” Claus said, as he cleared his throat.

“I’d like to believe we are past the age of imperialism. There is no need nor is there a benefit to any violence. Venus deserves a right to self-determination, and if they believe this does not involve the Mercurians, that is their decision.”

Claus projected the screen of his tablet to the center of the room.

“I’d also like to remind the Mercurians that, per the current laws of the Federal Senate, ‘failure to comply with laws may result in embargoes, blockades, or joint military action being taken in order to ensure stability.’, and while the state of Venus may not be fitting of the word ‘Stable’, military action will only result in further instability.”

“I’d like to propose to the Senate that we develop legislation against aggressive military action against a sovereign nation.”

(Emily, Titanian Representative)

“The people of Titania are terribly worried at the proposed amendments today.” Emily looks worried and pulls her hair back from her front "The third amendment needs more clarity, and we agree to the point made by the Europan representative. Furthermore, our experimentation is perfectly harmless and allows our nation to thrive forward, with advancements in genetic modification.

Emily pauses for a glass of water, and continues on more elegantly and politely, a hint of plea.

“The first amendment is also a blight on our nation, as we seek to defend ourselves against the great dangers of the universe beyond. We don’t know who might attack us, or what greater threats are beyond our Solar System. We must be quickly able to defend ourselves, and this amendment is a direct attack on our way of life and our defence. The people of Titania are not best pleased by this amendment, and would ask the Senate to stop it.”

Admiral Anton Marcius gracefully made his way towards his podium, smiling and shaking hands with other delegates along the way. Noticeably, the Admiral takes a minute to speak with Representative Claus, congratulating him on his speech and dedication to his people. Patting him on the back, Marcius continues on to make his thoughts known.

For the first time in this exchange, Marcius frowns. “It has been brought to my attention that the people of Neptune seem to have misunderstood the good intentions of the Imperator of the Neo-Hyperborean Empire. It personally saddens me that this is the fact, as I know The Captain to be the kindest and most thoughtful friend I have.”

Marcius adopts a grave, thoughtful, almost-exaggerated expression. “Let me be clear, I have the full authorization of my Captain when I offer these words of clarification. Our Imperator has made no suggestion of war. We do not intend to wage aggressive war. We do not want to disrupt the peace. In fact, we have not waged wars against foreign powers for well over a century. It is of particular interest of mine that Representative Toyomaru would bring up relics of the past. Two dictators from a planet which we had to win our independence from and to this day challenges our sovereignty.”

“Our leader, nonetheless, remains concerned about the condition our brothers on Venus are faced with. The vast exploitation of that planet along with the relative disregard for the citizenry so moved the Imperator to emotion that he felt forced to promise protection for the Venusian people.”

The Tall Admiral shifts slightly, looking with great sadness towards Toyomaru before changing his gaze and resuming his normal, cheerful expression.

“Nonetheless, the same people who would prefer it if our people were scorned and forgotten just as we were for centuries now propose amendments which would endanger the very principles in which this representative body was founded upon; peace and stability. The third amendment regarding genetic experimentation would not only cause a return to the diseases and infirmities and physical limitations of the past, but violates the basic values held dear to many of our friends across the solar system. We therefore agree with our Europan, Ganymedean and Titanian friends in supporting the proposed changes.”

The Admiral makes a great show, gesturing towards others throughout the conclusion of his speech;Last, the first amendment is an absolute abomination and completely intolerable to any self-respecting planetary body. No more than 5 military spacecraft? By what measure? Does this include our Imperial Battlestars on the same level as our Imperial Fast Cruisers and Imperial Interceptor Frigates? The Imperial Expeditionary Fleet alone is made up of an armada of 20 defensive spacecraft of varying classifications, not to mention supply ships. Our Planetary Fleet is made up of nearly a dozen spacecraft. To limit an entire nation to 5 unspecified ships would be trampling on the rights of countless other worlds by just as dastardly an extent.”

The Admiral adopts a severe expression once more “We have dedicated the wealth of our nation to the security of this solar system and I will NOT stand to see MY fleet destroyed by those who do not appreciate kind gestures. The very fleet I lead to victory in the support of the independence of my people.”

Matthias, representative of Kapus Kiraly (Titan), rises once again.

I second this motion for amendment put forward by the Admiral. We require strong militaries not only for the security of the entire solar system, but for the security of our individual sovereign nations as well. Through this law, a chokehold is put on development, industry, and expansion, as well as stripping nations of securities which are an absolute necessity.

Regardless of the outcome of the debate around this law, we, Kapus Kiraly, will continue to maintain and expand our military, as to ensure our planet, and the solar system, remain safe.

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Her sharpened nails digging into the podium and leaving very long marks in them, Toyomaru did her best to conceal her emotions though it was easy to tell that she was aggravated by the turn that the debate had taken. “The legislature which limits the number of military space crafts is for the good of the whole,” she replied forcefully. “To make sure that no one planetary body is too powerful and can threaten the others. We have no proof that there are aliens outside our solar system, much less that they’re hostile and can attack us. In the nigh impossible odds that this were to happen, the combined forces of the Federation would fight them off.”

“The language from the speech that I have shared is clear. Rep. Marcus may feign indignity over being compared to Gaian leaders all he likes, the point remains the same. Today it is Venus, but tomorrow it will be Earth. Then Mars and the Jovian states. My people have always been a peaceful and law-abiding member of the Federation, if the protection of other member states is not guaranteed, ours is not either.”

“You all speak about 'self-respect,” and the need for a strong military. You are like children who are playing with tin soldiers and ignoring the real threat which comes from militarist thinking and an unchecked army. Everyone is a militarist, until they hear mothers cry in the streets: ‘The State has murdered my son.’"

Nathan stands,

“We first want to thank our Jovian comrades on Ganymede for their welcomed fellowship, as well as the support of the Titanians, the Neo-Hyperborean Empire, and Luna. [[[ooc: presuming a like = support]]]]”

“With regard to the first clause… seeing as Earth seeks to control and manipulate those they no doubt simply see as subsidiaries, we cannot help but agree with the motion put forward by the Admiral. Such strict and limiting measures puts too much power in Terran hands. Europa supports an expansion of the number of defensive ships for the sake of a balance in power, as well as an official statement with regards to the number and quality of ships within Federal forces.”


“You cannot dictate this senate with sheer willpower. The numbers are against you Toyomaru. Allow us this amendment for the security of the solar system as a whole. In blocking this desire, you are causing for divides in our solar system. We ask you in the kindest possible way for a restoration of our rights”.

“No, but I may convince other planetary bodies to reject your masked demands which dreams of expansionism hide behind.” Toyomaru replied, discouraged even more from the unexpected decision of the Jovians to take the side of the Hyperboreans. “Whenever the General Secretary has decided to call it to a vote, it will be decided. The people of Neptune will never forgive this gross betrayal of our years of loyalty and service to the Federation if they decide to put us and other planets at risk by voting in favor of this armament reform.” she took her seat, appearing discouraged but not entirely defeated.

Admiral Anton Marcius listens to the speakers intently. He looks mostly pleased. Motioning to nearby aids, Admiral Marcius has one pass on his regards to the Representatives from Kapus Kiraly, Titan, and Ganymede. Further, Anton has Major Phillips, a military attache, approach the ‘cat-lady’ @Flavia , as he called her. Major Phillips carried a letter of inquiry as to why Toyomaru was getting so emotional against the Admiral, and offered ‘sincere gratitude for your attempt to maintain peace’. Major Phillips, though, unable to act as graceful as the Admiral, approached one of the Representative’s aids stiffly and with a fierce expression on his face. He gave a salute which was unfamiliar to other systems, before making a dramatic about-face and returning to the ever-smiling Marcius.

Do not accuse us of such heinous intents. We seek mere economic expansion, protected by a strong military from rebels, pirates, and rogues.

We are, in no way, betraying, or intending to betray, the people of Neptune. Your people are friends to us, even if your government is not.

Gáddjá stands.

"Tell me. Do you intend to strike out against the other bodies of the solar system? Do any of you in favour of lifting the restrictions on military craft intend to attack another and tear down the stability this Stellar Union has brought us? With Mercury we see the errors of an unchecked military power, where even now, even with these restrictions in place they are making aggressive moves which the Cytherean Council has rightfully seen as warlike and is prepared to respond in likeness. But we do not wish to do that and we do not wish to be forced to do that. By restricting the ships available and prepared for each state, we ensure that they remain as they should be, in case of defense, and ensure that they never can be what they should not be, vessels of war.

In response to this proposal that has been made, ostensibly in the name of Solar defense, I propose the creation on a Union Fleet. This Fleet would be contributed to by all states in the Solar System, including Earth, and would be responsible for the defense of the Solar System against any extra-solar threats. It would be, of course, under the control of the Senate. It does not take a military genius to see that a unified, cohesive military structure is better for the defense of the Solar System than merely arming its constituents. If any of you truly care for the defense of our dear cradle, then I implore you to stop with this petty talk of arming yourselves, to stop with your preparations for intra-solar war and instead to focus your resources on co-operation between states such that we may defend ourselves without killing ourselves.

Finally, I would like to express my agreement. Venus is the home now of countless species of human and we would deem it unacceptable for our self-wrought diversity and artificial growth to become something demonised throughout the civilised world. I hereby support Rep. Mateo’s proposal."

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"In restricting fleets you are only giving motivation for planets to increase their secret production, as noone in the solar system wants to be able to be bullied into legislature by one superhuge, unstoppable intergalactic navy.

Even though your “intents” for this navy have been stated here, if there are no checks and balances upon it of any kind, it will most certainly be abused in favour of the federation, and its interests (which can be easily corrupted).

Through restricting ship production you are effectively limiting the independence of all planets within this council".

"The interests of the federation are the interests of the planets, unless you have some bizarre fantasies over some kind of stranglehold any given planet has over this Senate. Can you really argue that it isn’t the best defense for the solar System?

And by restricting ship production, military ship production I’ll have you, we are limiting the independence of one thing. The ability of any one planet to make aggressive actions against any other planet within the solar system. It cannot just be Venus which hopes for peace among the planets and I am hopeful that you are not about to stop extolling the virtues of, say, the Mercurian Imperium for trying to start yet another war among our nations."

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Greyhand clears throat, while standing @bandy

"What of those of us who don’t hail from a planet? The Phalanx Star fleet and its nation ships would be in a precarious situation if we do not have a reasonable navy to protect it, the loss of a Titan would be a genocidal level of death honourable representative, and could end in the destruction of the fleet.

Not to mention the other grave predicament we face, *he slams his fist in anger onto the table, looking at sternly at 豊丸の 玉子 (@Flavia). We know Neptune plans to build ABOMINABLE AI!!!. Do you not see the insanity this coarse of action! It will doom us all. The Phalanx star fleet is going to find it extremely difficult to accept such military restrictions when our foolish neighbor fully plans to build our doom.

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